Federal District Court in Wisconsin rules minister's housing allowance unconstitutional.

Case is "stayed" (no actual impact) until appeals are concluded.

GuideStone has been monitoring this action in the federal district court of Wisconsin. The ruling by the judge in the case, an appointee of President Carter, is not unanticipated. For quite some time, GuideStone has been planning to join others in filing a brief with the court in support of minister's housing allowance when the case goes up on appeal to the federal circuit court. GuideStone will use that avenue and others to speak out regarding the vital and historic role of minister's housing allowance.

This decision is limited to the Western Federal District Court of Wisconsin (covering much of the western half of Wisconsin). The ruling has been "stayed" (does not go into effect) until any appeals are concluded. OS Hawkins, President and CEO of GuideStone commented that "although this particular case does not have immediate impact, we know that pastors and others in ministry are facing challenges in our very own nation as never before. This decision, while not unanticipated, is sadly symptomatic of our culture today. We count it a privilege to be an advocate for those who have given their lives to ministry - and we will not forsake our mission to undergird those who so faithfully serve our churches and ministries by fighting to protect and preserve minister's housing allowance."

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