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Hurricane Harvey: Claims Update

What to Do if You Have Suffered a Property Loss

First and foremost, know that our thoughts and prayers are with you as you respond to the devastating impacts of Hurricane Harvey.

If your ministry has suffered a property loss, please take the following steps as you are able:

  1. Promptly report the claim even though you may not be sure of the extent of the damage. GuideStone Property & Casualty recommends that you call Brotherhood Mutual Claims directly at 1-800-333-3371.

  2. In the event of a claim, the policy says you should attempt to take all reasonable steps to protect covered property at and after an insured loss to avoid further loss. The costs to do this may be covered under your policy — which is why it is important to report your claim immediately so that you can discuss with your adjuster whether this coverage applies to you.

  3. Please ensure safety before you begin cleanup. We have attached several helpful articles below with more in-depth guidance, but here are a few key highlights:

    • Inspect the outside of the building and look for downed power lines, cracks in the walls or foundation or other signs the structure may be unsafe.
    • Check for gas leaks.
    • Enter with caution due to potential building damage, and be alert for wild animals such as snakes.
    • Avoid using air conditioning until flooded ductwork has been cleaned.

  4. Do your best to select professional contractors and services to remediate and repair your property. In the aftermath of a widespread disaster like this, resources are going to be strained and hard to find. However, using unqualified or opportunistic individuals or companies can create greater problems later. Attached are checklists and sample agreements that may be of assistance as you move to recover from the effects of your loss. Again, we encourage you to stay in regular contact with your assigned adjuster to aid you in this process.

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