Quarterly Call to Prayer

Pray for:

  1. International missions
    • ORTHODOX GREEKS OF THESSALONIKI, GREECE (theh-sah-loh-NEE-kee) — Thank the Lord for the gospel conversations that the Thessaloniki Team has had with friends, neighbors and refugees. Thank him also for the Arabic-speaking volunteers who are working with the refugees. Please pray for the many refugees who are hearing the gospel, asking that they will believe the message about Jesus and that they will desire to follow him and be baptized, demonstrating a committed life to Christ.
    • KHMER OF CAMBODIA (kuh-MER) — Community development is in a new phase. After entering the community with hand washing stations and dental health presentations, believers have found a “person of peace” (Luke 10:6) who has opened up her home. Please pray that the Holy Spirit will prepare the hearts and open the minds of those who attend and draw them to saving faith in the Lord God.
    • BULGARIAN MUSLIMS (POMAKS) OF SOUTHWESTERN BULGARIA (POH-mahks) — Please pray for Pastor Niki,* who pastors a church in a town that has a large number of Pomak people. The churches in this area are struggling with unity, and Pastor Niki needs encouragement. Healthy churches are needed in order to evangelize and start new churches there. Pray that mature believers will have discernment and the Holy Spirit’s guidance as they seek to help in this situation. (*name changed)
    • PEOPLES OF THE SOUTHWEST AMAZON BASIN — Tribal peoples live in remote villages in the southwest Amazon basin. They have little to no access to the outside world. They live off the land and practice animistic worship (worshipping their ancestors, nature, objects, etc.). Some of these groups may have a follower or two of Jesus among them, but the majority have never had any kind of access to the gospel. Please pray for the salvation of the peoples of the southwest Amazon basin.
    • BHUTAN — Three multiplying networks of ethnic Nepali pastors have church-planting work that is beginning to grow within Bhutan. Pray for opportunities to catalyze the work there through partnering with these three networks.
    • Answered prayers/praise:
      • NIAMEY, NIGER (NEE-ah-may) — “Praise God for the way he is opening the hearts and minds of university students! As our Niamey Urban Team shares the gospel with them each week, they are engaged in the conversation and eager to retell the Bible stories. While the professors were on strike, the students used their own money to secure transportation in order to come and participate in the discussions.”
  2. North American Missions
    • Pray that NAMB will enlist more existing churches to partner to support church plants.
    • Pray that NAMB will connect and engage with potential church planters.
    • Pray that NAMB will enlist more churches and individuals to participate in Send Relief efforts.
    • Pray that NAMB will continue to plant churches on university campuses: NAMB’s focus on university-context planting sees the college campus as the most strategic mission field in the world. It is a season of life where young adults are often most open to the life-transforming power of the gospel. Students can have a valuable role in expanding the kingdom, if they fully embrace disciple-making and become faithful members of a local church body. Pray for Brian Frye, who is National Collegiate Strategist at NAMB, as he strategizes, enlists, trains and catalyzes collegiate leaders and systems to see a powerful move of God.
  3. Theological education
    • New Orleans
      • We praise God for our Centennial Celebration, 100 years of Providence and Prayer!
      • We praise God for His mighty work in NOBTS Prison Programs.
      • Praise God for salvations in response to NOBTS door-to-door witnessing.
      • Pray for NOBTS faculty and students on mission trips this summer, for safety and many opportunities to share the gospel.
      • Pray for the hundreds of students serving the Lord in local churches in New Orleans this summer through Mission Lab.
      • Pray for the continued development of new NOBTS Prison Programs.
    • Southwestern (Fort Worth, TX)
      • Pray for the students we send out this summer as they share the gospel in South Asia, East Asia, and Thailand.
      • Pray for students, faculty, and staff as they share the gospel with over 10,000 homes during Crossover SBC 2018 in Dallas, Texas.
      • Pray for the new SWBTS affiliated Baptist Bible School in London and their leadership as they continue with strategic planning to opening the school.
      • Pray for the newly accredited SWBTS affiliated Baptist seminary in Jakarta, Indonesia. Pray for the seminary’s president as he leads this school in the world’s largest Muslim nation.
    • Gateway (Ontario, CA)
      • Praise God for the generous endowment gift that will help fund our Women’s Ministry Program
      • Pray for our new English-Chinese Bilingual Program as it enrolls new students and begins classes in the fall.
      • Pray for our Women’s Ministry Program and Children’s Ministry Program as they prepare for the fall semester.
  4. LifeWay Christian Resources
    • Pray for wisdom as we seek to help people and churches know Jesus Christ by providing Biblical solutions that spiritually transform individuals and cultures.
  5. Woman's Missionary Union
    • Pray for cooperation and great teamwork among employees at WMU as they plan for the future.
    • Help WMU employees to live daily in His presence and know He is enough.
    • Pray for God's people to become passionate about His Great Commission.
    • Pray WMU leaders will have moments of renewal and closeness to the Lord even in the midst of busy days and hear His voice.
    • Pray for boldness and courage in pursuing God and His plan for the future.


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Susie & O.S. Hawkins

Susie Hawkins lives in Dallas and has been actively involved in women’s ministry as a pastor’s wife, teacher and volunteer. She has also served as the Director of Women’s Ministry at Prestonwood Baptist Church in Plano. She is a Bible study teacher and speaks at women’s conferences and retreats. Additionally, she is a contributor to various publications, such as “Voices Behind the Veil” and the “Women’s Evangelical Library Commentary,” as well as the author of a recently published book entitled “From One Ministry Wife to Another.”

Susie has an M.A. in Christian Leadership from Criswell College and an M.A. in Theology. She is married to O. S. Hawkins, president of GuideStone Financial Resources of the Southern Baptist Convention (formerly the Annuity Board of the Southern Baptist Convention) and is the mother of two married daughters, Wendy and Holly, as well as a grandmother of six.

Her favorite things to do are bargain hunting, lunching with friends and playing with her grandchildren!