Quarterly Call to Prayer

Pray for:

1. International missions
  • NU OF COLOMBIA (noo) – Deep in this jungle region, the children are playing, covered in mud and leaves. They are carrying sticks while running and hiding and shouting in their language. It soon becomes apparent, however, that there are teams that are distinguished by the way they are wearing their leaves and carrying their sticks. One group represents the armed subversive groups and the other the official armed forces. These children are playing the reality that they are living each day. Pray as these children grow up in the middle of this armed conflict that they will learn to accept and imitate Christ and not the ideologies surrounding them. May the message of the gospel bring peace from God to their families.
  • SOUTH ASIAN UNENGAGED PEOPLES – The Chakali are a Hindu unengaged, unreached people group in southeast India, with a population of 2.24 million. Their name comes from the Telegu word “chaku,” which means “to wash,” since many of the Chakali people make their living washing clothes by hand. Please ask God to call out harvest laborers to the Chakali. Pray that the Chakali will find in Jesus the source of living water (John 7:38) and that they will repent, be baptized, and have their sins washed away (Acts 22:16).
  • MEBO OF LAOS (MEE-boh) - The Laka* people are a sub-group of the Mebo. This small and isolated people group exists only in southern Laos. They have their own culture and language separate from that of the Mebo. Animism keeps the Laka people in constant fear of the spirits. From water buffalo sacrifices at weddings to the spilling of a chicken’s blood before a long trip, the Laka are constantly trying to keep the spirits from getting angry. Very few, if any, have been released from the spirits’ bondage. Pray that the Laka will have the opportunity to hear the gospel in a context and language they can understand, and the courage to put their faith in the Most High God. (*name changed)
Answered prayers/praise:
  • MONGOLS OF OUTER MONGOLIA (MON-gols) - Thank you for your prayers for the Baptist Global Response (BGR) projects over the past few months. God gave the opportunity for many families in the “ger” (a round, portable tent) district to receive gospel witness. Three families in the “ger” community confessed belief in Christ and three herdsmen families in the countryside also placed their trust in Christ. These six families have now received basic discipleship training. Please ask God to continue to grow these new believers in their knowledge of Him.
  • SONGHAI OF WEST AFRICA (SONG-high) - Ten years ago, when one family first went to the field, their desire was to see many Songhai come to Christ and churches to be planted. But they had lived in darkness for centuries and Niger was not known for fertile soil for the gospel. Now, a decade later, they stand in awe of how God has answered the prayers of so many. There are almost 300 Songhai believers and seven churches have been planted! God has raised up African believers who are passionate about the gospel and travel to villages that have never heard the Good News. Ask God to produce even more fruit as these believers diligently proclaim the name of Jesus wherever they go.
  • CENTRAL ASIAN PEOPLES - New teammates have arrived! They are an answer to the prayers of the team, as they have diligently asked for more people to labor among this people group. This new couple has begun language study. Please pray for rest and grace as they settle in to their new culture and new responsibilities.
2. North American missions
  • Please pray for the over 4,000 volunteers who are preparing to head for the Texas gulf coast in response to Hurricane Harvey. “There are some events that mark a time in history for generations to come,” said Kevin Ezell, NAMB’s president. “I believe Hurricane Harvey is one of those events and Southern Baptists will be known by the way we respond.”
  • Pray that God will give volunteers the emotional and physical strength they need, and for receptive hearts to the gospel.
3. Theological education
Southeastern (Wake Forest, North Carolina)

  • Pray that the Dean of Women position will soon be filled. This is such an important position as the number of women students is increasing every semester.
  • Pray for Cathy Horner, a retired pastor’s wife, who will be counseling and discipling women students. We are so grateful for her!
  • Pray for newly hired counseling professor, Dr. Kristen Kellen, who will be teaching and counseling students.
Southern (Louisville, Kentucky)

  • Pray for our new students, especially our international students as they adjust to seminary and get settled here.
  • Pray for the staff of SBTS as we seek to care for our ever growing student body.
  • Pray for the seminary’s Bevin Center for Missions Mobilization as they plan for student mission trips for the upcoming year. Pray also for our students to boldly share the gospel nationally and internationally.
Midwestern (Kansas City, Missouri)

  • Please pray for one of our faculty/administrators, Dr. Rodney Harrison, who is battling cancer, as well as other faculty and staff who are grieving losses in their families.
  • Pray for wisdom and guidance in the continued construction and future use of the new student center on campus.
  • As the fall semester begins, please pray for endurance, organization, and motivation of our students to conduct their studies and ministries enthusiastically, as unto the Lord.
4. Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission

  • Pray for our president, Dr. Russ Moore, as he prepares to preach at two of our seminaries this fall.
  • Pray for the ERLC team as they are preparing for the 2018 Evangelicals for Life Conference in Washington DC.
5. SBC Executive Committee

  • Please pray for personal and systematic racial reconciliation to manifest itself at every level of Southern Baptist life. Pray for the Executive Committee as it works to strengthen relationships with the numerous ethnic minority fellowships that cooperate with our convention.


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Susie & O.S. Hawkins

Susie Hawkins lives in Dallas and has been actively involved in women’s ministry as a pastor’s wife, teacher and volunteer. She has also served as the Director of Women’s Ministry at Prestonwood Baptist Church in Plano. She is a Bible study teacher and speaks at women’s conferences and retreats. Additionally, she is a contributor to various publications, such as “Voices Behind the Veil” and the “Women’s Evangelical Library Commentary,” as well as the author of a recently published book entitled “From One Ministry Wife to Another.”

Susie has an M.A. in Christian Leadership from Criswell College and an M.A. in Theology. She is married to O. S. Hawkins, president of GuideStone Financial Resources of the Southern Baptist Convention (formerly the Annuity Board of the Southern Baptist Convention) and is the mother of two married daughters, Wendy and Holly, as well as a grandmother of six.

Her favorite things to do are bargain hunting, lunching with friends and playing with her grandchildren!