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Additional Security Resources

  1. Refer to these helpful web resources related to online security.

  2. Consider this additional cybersecurity information as an organization.
    • Beware of ransomware.
      • What is ransomware?
        • A type of malware bad actors use to infect computers and encrypt files until a ransom is paid.
      • How do you defend against it?
        • Perform frequent backups of your computer system.
        • Store these backups on a separate device that can be disconnected from the rest of the network or stored remotely.
      • How should an organization respond to ransomware?
        • Power off and remove the infected device(s) from all networks.
        • Turn off other computers and devices that may not yet be infected.
        • Contact your IT provider for a recovery plan and/or proactively create a plan now.
    • Beware of business email compromise.
      • What is business email compromise?
        • A bad actor targets employees with access to company finances and tricks them into making wire transfers to fraudulent bank accounts.
      • How does it occur?
        • Often the bad actor gains access to an organization’s network through an email spear-phishing attack and malware.
        • The bad actor then spends weeks or months studying the organization’s vendors and billing systems and executive team members’ style of communication and travel schedule.
        • When the time is right, the bad actor sends a fictitious email impersonating an executive to a targeted employee. Often, this employee is in the finance office and the executive request is to pay a vendor or update paycheck direct deposit information using fraudulent bank account information.
      • How should an organization defend against it?
        • Host employee training to recognize and report suspicious emails.
        • Implement a solution to prominently display if an email is from outside the organization. Make a phone call or ask the supposed employee in person. Don’t rely on only email for verification of a transaction.