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GuideStone Culture

What GuideStone employees are saying...

There’s no better place to find a Christian work environment coupled with a competitive work place. The corporate culture is one of family, and the professional challenges are such that you are constantly refining your craft and developing your skillsets.

Chelsea T - Employee since 2010

I’ve never worked somewhere where I feel as valued and appreciated by my management as I do at GuideStone. There is such a genuine sense of professional validation knowing that my efforts are respected and acknowledged by my leadership here. It is extremely motivational and very hard to find this kind of support in a corporate setting — it’s what keeps me wanting to serve more and work harder.

Courtney H - Employee since 2007

I came to GuideStone from a highly competitive, fast-paced work environment. As someone who likes to compete, I was pleasantly surprised to realize GuideStone’s culture is one of excellence, pursuance of best-in-class solutions and one that is passionate about serving others. Here you are constantly challenged and asked to go the second mile. At GuideStone you can feel good about using your individual talents for a higher purpose.

Doug M - Employee since 2001