Quarterly Call to Prayer

Pray for:

  1. International missions
    • GUJARATI OF INDIA (goo-juh-RAH-tee) — Recently, two believers read through Luke 10 together and then began to prayer walk through a local slum. Within five minutes, they had found three “houses of peace” (Luke 10:6), and two of the families wanted them to come back and share more about Jesus! Please pray for God’s truth to sink deep into the hearts of these family members.
    • TURKS OF ISTANBUL, TURKEY (is-tan-BULL) — When Scott* shared the gospel with a group of four recent university graduates, all seemed to be curious. One, especially, appeared to be very interested. Information was exchanged in hopes that this young man would soon become connected with a local fellowship. Pray for these young men and others like them who are seeking the truth. (*name changed)
    • SOUTHERN YEMENI ARABS OF YEMEN (YEH-muh-nee) — Please pray for Pastor Niki,* who pastors a church in a town that has a large number of Pomak people. The churches in this area are struggling with unity, and Pastor Niki needs encouragement. Healthy churches are needed in order to evangelize and start new churches there. Pray that mature believers will have discernment and the Holy Spirit’s guidance as they seek to help in this situation. (*name changed)
    • Answered prayers/praise:
      • PEOPLES OF NORTHEAST BRAZIL — Praise the Lord that Campos Frios is getting a church! Thanks to a mother church in a nearby town, a volunteer team from Kentucky, and prayer, people are coming to know Christ and a new church is being formed. Local leaders are discipling new believers to form a community of believers. Pray for new believers to grow in their new relationship with Christ.
      • LAST FRONTIER (unnamed location for security reasons) — An unnamed people group is known to be closed to the gospel, so it’s rare to hear of a person from that people group becoming a Christian. When it does happen, it’s a cause for celebration. Therefore, when three became believers within two weeks of each other, it felt like God had just done the impossible--three new baby miracles! And prayer played an important part. Please pray for their spiritual growth and the Christian worker who will be discipling them.
      • THAI-KHORAT OF THAILAND (tie-koh-RAHT) — Seeley* was the first person to become a Christian in her family years ago when she married a man from a Christian family. She was expected to go to church with the extended family every Sunday even though she wasn’t a believer. But as she heard and understood more, she gave her heart to Jesus. All her children became Christians. As her brother lay on his deathbed last month, Seeley led him to Christ. Pray for Seeley to make it a priority to have worship and Bible study meetings at her house every week. (*name changed)
  2. North American Missions
    • Pray for our Military Chaplains:
      • Despite what we have been led to believe the gospel of Jesus Christ IS being shared powerfully to our servicemen and women.
      • U.S. Army Chaplain Capt. Jose Rondon currently serves at Fort Leonard Wood in Missouri. "We have seen 1,459 soldiers come to Christ since March of this year," Rondon said. "God is doing great things at Fort Leonard Wood among the hundreds of soldiers who have come to know Christ personally."
      • Retired Major General Doug Carver, executive director of chaplaincy for the North American Mission Board, says what is happening at Fort Leonard Wood is not an exception. Right now there are reportedly 1,348 military chaplains in the Southern Baptist Convention at work. "Our troops, who are increasingly hungry for truth and relevancy in their lives, are finding a faith that works through a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ," Carver said. "The current spiritual awakening at Fort Leonard Wood is indicative of a great move of God taking place within the Armed Services today."
      • Pray for God to continue to move as our military chaplains are seeing huge open doors to share the gospel of Jesus Christ.
    • Pray for the new Evangelism and Leadership Group:
      • NAMB is launching an evangelism and leadership group that will promote evangelism among SBC churches, provide evangelistic resources and equip pastors to help their congregations become more evangelistically active. Jim Law, who currently serves as executive pastor at First Baptist Church Woodstock, Ga., will serve as executive director of the new group.
      • The group will include a national evangelism team made up of pastors who will promote and champion the cause of evangelism. These pastors, while still leading their churches, will speak on behalf of NAMB and help create resources that pastors and churches can utilize.
      • Pray that God will use this new group to stir the fires of evangelism in North America.
  3. Theological education
    • Midwestern (Kansas City, MO)
      • Please continue to intercede for faculty members and family members who are undergoing cancer treatments, recovering from surgeries, and are enduring other health hardships.
      • We are thrilled to welcome our students back for Fall Semester, and please pray for the Spirit to fill them with wisdom, endurance, and a compete dependence upon Him as they take classes and minister the gospel to our community.
      • We praise God for the incredible faculty He's assembled here for such a time as this. Please lift them, and their families, up to His throne in all they do for His sake this semester and beyond.
      • Please pray for the completion of our campus construction projects, particularly the Mathena Student Center. We are thankful to God for His kind provision on these projects
    • Southern (Louisville, KY)
      • Please pray for all of our new students, and especially our new international students, as they adjust to seminary and get settled.
      • Please pray for the numerous events on campus this Fall that are meant to encourage and teach our students, as well as SBTS outreach events that hope to spread the gospel to the surrounding community.
      • Please pray for the staff and leaders of SBTS as we seek to care for an ever-growing student body.
    • Southeastern (Wake Forest, NC)
      • Pray for students to have wisdom in how to balance school, work, family, ministry, and finances as they begin a new semester.
      • Pray for our alumni who are planting churches and serving all over the world. Pray for their continued perseverance in ministry and for the Lord to add to their number daily those who are being saved (Acts 2:47). Pray for health, safety, and boldness in their witness.
      • Pray for institutional needs and initiatives – for diligence of those working to sustain and improve our institution.
      • Pray for our prison program, the North Carolina Field Minister Program, which is launching its second year in September.
  4. SBC Executive Committee
    • Please pray for SBC President J. D. Greear as he leads out in the Sex Abuse Presidential Study. Pray for wisdom in helping to communicate the love of Christ to victims of clergy and church volunteer sexual abuse and guidance as he works with others in developing resources to assist our churches in providing safe havens for those under their spiritual care.
    • Please pray for the SBC Executive Committee presidential search committee as the members humbly seek guidance from the Lord about the individual who will best represent Southern Baptists in this pivotal leadership role.
  5. Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission
    • Our 2018 national conference entitled “The Cross Shaped Family” from October 11-13. Christian families face unprecedented challenges these days. This conference is to encourage parents and church leaders in raising the next generation to be faithful followers of Christ.
    • Dr. Moore’s speaking engagements at two seminaries this month and the opportunity to equip the students for fruitful ministry.


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Susie & O.S. Hawkins

Susie Hawkins lives in Dallas and has been actively involved in women’s ministry as a pastor’s wife, teacher and volunteer. She has also served as the Director of Women’s Ministry at Prestonwood Baptist Church in Plano. She is a Bible study teacher and speaks at women’s conferences and retreats. Additionally, she is a contributor to various publications, such as “Voices Behind the Veil” and the “Women’s Evangelical Library Commentary,” as well as the author of a recently published book entitled “From One Ministry Wife to Another.”

Susie has an M.A. in Christian Leadership from Criswell College and an M.A. in Theology. She is married to O. S. Hawkins, president of GuideStone Financial Resources of the Southern Baptist Convention (formerly the Annuity Board of the Southern Baptist Convention) and is the mother of two married daughters, Wendy and Holly, as well as a grandmother of six.

Her favorite things to do are bargain hunting, lunching with friends and playing with her grandchildren!