Quarterly Call to Prayer

Pray for:

1. International missions

  • DHAKA, BANGLADESH (DAH-kah) — Over the past few months, many people have been killed due to bus accidents. The roads in Dhaka are congested and are not pedestrian friendly. Please pray for those traveling throughout the city on a daily basis. Pray for officials to enforce laws protecting those traveling on the roads.
  • MONGOLS OF OUTER MONGOLIA (MON-gols) — Starting now and continuing through early September, many Mongolian Christians and foreign workers will be going to the countryside with the purpose of evangelizing the nomads. Nomads generally don’t accept unfamiliar information from strangers quickly, especially in spiritual matters. Please pray that God will give the evangelists favor in the eyes of the nomads so that they can proclaim the gospel in a way that can be understood and accepted. Pray that spiritually blinded eyes will be open to hear and understand the truth that can set them free.
  • EUROPEAN PEOPLES — Pray for wisdom, humility, and unity as personnel work alongside Bulgarian believers to plant a healthy, Christ-exalting church in a new city. As they are approaching church formation very soon, please pray that they will labor faithfully in discipling new and young believers and that they will be fully committed to the church and to their ongoing maturity in Christ. Pray also that new believers will continuously be added to this church plant.

Answered prayers/praise:

  • LOMWE OF MALAWI AND MOZAMBIQUE (LOHM-way) — Rejoice and praise the Lord! At a meeting a few weeks ago, missionaries heard reports of 106 new believers baptized in 13 congregations during the first 12 weeks of 2019! The numbers represent decisions for Christ out of Islam, nominal Catholicism, and African traditional religion. Only seven years ago, there were no known believers in the area; now, new groups have multiplied to the seventh generation! Please pray for wisdom for the missionaries as they seek to stay out of the way of the multiplying movement while simultaneously guarding sound doctrine.
  • NIAMEY, NIGER (NEE-ah-may) — Thank you for praying for the eight university students who are serving in Niamey. Praise God that he is using this team of young women as they host English camps.
  • THAI-KHORAT OF THAILAND (tie-hok-RAHT) — “Sam* told us that in the morning, he raises his arms up and asks God to help him find many people who have recyclables to sell to him. His wife laughs at him. But every day, God has answered his prayers. Please join our Thai-Khorat Team in praying for Sam, who is seeing God at work but has not believed in Him yet. Ask that many people in this village will become followers of Jesus.” (*name changed)

2. North American missions

  • Pray for the Baptist Friendship House in New Orleans. Kay Bennett is a Send Relief Missionary (NAMB) who operates this facility. She focuses on fighting poverty and human trafficking. The ministry serves the underprivileged in the city through a variety of methods: Bible study classes, providing life skills training and donating items to those in need. Kay was recently awarded the 2019 Director’s Community Leadership Award by the FBI for its work in fighting trafficking. Bennett says that when she gets a call from the Human Trafficking Hotline to go and pick up someone who has been impacted by trafficking, she takes a backpack full of supplies with her. “When everything has been taken away from that person and you have something to give them, it says, ‘I care about you,’” Bennett said. Pray that the Friendship House will reach hurting people with the power of the gospel and help rescue many from trafficking.

3. Theological education

Gateway (Ontario, CA)

  • Pray for our Women's Ministry Program as they enroll new students and continue with classes, webinars, and mentoring next fall.
  • Pray for new student housing for our students. We have enough apartments for our current students but will need more housing as our student body grows.
  • Praise for God's blessings and for a new playground donated by our trustees for the children in our student apartments.

New Orleans (Louisiana)

  • Pray for Dr. James Dew and his family as they transition to the presidency of NOBTS.
  • Pray for the many students, staff, and faculty who will scatter across the country and the world on mission trips this summer.
  • Pray for the new students preparing to follow God's call to seminary training this fall.
  • Praise-Celebration with hundreds of graduates who completed their theological education.
  • Praise-Graduations in four prison programs in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Georgia.
  • Praise-Celebration of 23 years that Dr. and Mrs. Chuck Kelley served the presidency of this seminary.

Southwestern (Ft. Worth, TX)

  • Pray for the recent Southwestern graduates who are now going out to preach the Gospel to the nations. Pray that they would remain steadfast in the days and years ahead.
  • Pray for the Crossover evangelism efforts that will be taking place the week before the Southern Baptist Convention and for the SWBTS missionary team going to Zambia this summer.
  • Dr. Adam W. Greenway was recently elected as the ninth president of Southwestern Seminary and Scarborough College. Please pray for him as he leads our school in these days.

4. Woman's Missionary Union

  • Pray for God's provision to meet an urgent facility need at national WMU.
  • Pray God will call out people who will lead in missions discipleship and prepare the church to fulfill His mission.
  • Pray for a successful launch of new WMU resources to involve students in missions.
  • Pray WMU leaders, board members and staff will commit anew to cultivate an intimacy with Christ that will take precedence over everything else in their lives.

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Susie & O.S. Hawkins

Susie Hawkins lives in Dallas and has been actively involved in women’s ministry as a pastor’s wife, teacher and volunteer. She has also served as the Director of Women’s Ministry at Prestonwood Baptist Church in Plano. She is a Bible study teacher and speaks at women’s conferences and retreats. Additionally, she is a contributor to various publications, such as “Voices Behind the Veil” and the “Women’s Evangelical Library Commentary,” as well as the author of a recently published book entitled “From One Ministry Wife to Another.”

Susie has an M.A. in Christian Leadership from Criswell College and an M.A. in Theology. She is married to O. S. Hawkins, president of GuideStone Financial Resources of the Southern Baptist Convention (formerly the Annuity Board of the Southern Baptist Convention) and is the mother of two married daughters, Wendy and Holly, as well as a grandmother of six.

Her favorite things to do are bargain hunting, lunching with friends and playing with her grandchildren!