How to Create a Ministry Continuation Plan


The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has caused ministry leaders to ask a lot of hard questions — including how to best continue operations, hold services and care for their members and community.

Now is the time for ministry to not only continue but also to thrive — and it all starts with having a plan in place.

Consider Your Ministries and Your Options

To create your plan, it’s important for you to consider each ministry and think about where you would hold each function, if you would need to alter frequency or times for activities, what equipment you would need to rent and how much it would cost to use online platforms and equipment.

Each ministry will likely need its own unique plan, so make sure you have an extensive list of all of your ministries. Here is a list to help you get started:

  • Church/ministry office
  • Sunday morning services
  • Sunday evening services
  • Wednesday evening services
  • Youth group activities
  • Home group/small group activities
  • Bible study
  • Day care
  • School
  • Athletics

After you make a list, it’s time to make the plans. The following grid can be used as a planning aid to make sure each ministry is appropriately addressed — because your contingency plans for Sunday morning services will be different than your plans for small group activities.


Ministry Sunday Morning Services
Time One service at 10 a.m. every week until building can be opened again
Location Filmed in the sanctuary and broadcasted to members on YouTube
Equipment Needs Filming camera, microphones and speakers
People Needs Audio team member, teaching pastor and worship leader
Estimated Costs Microphone and speaker rental, $100/Sunday
Communication (for congregation and public) Post on website from YouTube. Email congregation to let them know of the new time for online Sunday service.
Ministry Lead (who will take ownership of this initiative) Lead Pastor

Ready to get started on your ministry continuation plan? We’ve created this template for you to use:

Equipment Needs
People Needs
Estimated Costs
Communication (for congregation and public)
Ministry Lead (who will take ownership of this initiative)

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