Three Benefits of Having an Advisor


Do you find yourself constantly lacking the time, knowledge or maybe even the desire to manage your investments or financial planning decisions? Do you feel uncertain where to invest in light of the recent market volatility?

We understand. We also think that your retirement account deserves personalized attention.

When it comes to your finances, enlisting an advisor to handle the things you can’t, or would rather not, can be a huge benefit to you and a game changer for your financial planning decisions.

At GuideStone®, the goal of a personal advisor relationship is to provide a deeper level of investment support whether you need help getting on track, staying the course or finishing strong.

If you’re still on the fence, consider these three benefits of having an advisor:

  1. Advisors are trusted, dedicated points of contact who know and understand the market. When the market goes up, down or sideways, you have a personal point of contact to keep you steadily on track with your long-term strategy and to answer your questions. Monitoring the market every single day is not realistic for most investors — but an advisor would take care of that for you.
  2. Advisors map out a customized financial plan to meet your unique needs. An advisor will work with you to build and monitor a comprehensive plan, conducting a needs analysis to help you understand your financial vision and identify any obstacles that may be slowing your progress. Talking through your needs and values helps your advisor translate the things that matter most into measurable goals and objectives, therefore helping you make intentional decisions based on your customized plan. Then, you get to put the plan into his or her hands to turn it into a realistic, manageable strategy.
  3. Advisors review, monitor and adjust your plan over time. Even after you create a plan, it isn’t set in stone. Many variables — such as your current financial situation, life stage, objectives and goals — all help determine your overall risk tolerance. Your advisor will then use this information to develop a portfolio that aligns with your unique variables. Additionally, through sophisticated technology, your advisor helps you find your specific Risk Number® and the right amount of risk to incorporate into your portfolio. Then our intelligent rebalancing system will proactively manage your account in real time to make specific portfolio trades to keep your portfolio aligned with your risk tolerance and investment strategy.

GuideStone’s team of personal advisors is dedicated and ready to assist you with your financial needs and questions. We will come alongside you, incorporating our experience, advanced technology and Christian values into expert management of your account. And like any successful relationship, ongoing communication is a must. Because your financial life extends to more than just a one-time conversation.

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