Conservative Congregational Christian Conference Benefit Solutions

Conservative Congregational Christian Conference Benefit Solutions

We understand your ministry.
We understand employee benefits.
And we share your passion for the Gospel.

That’s why GuideStone® and the Conservative Congregational Christian Conference (CCCC) have teamed up to support your calling and offer faith-based retirement and insurance solutions uniquely designed for your ministry.

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GuideStone offers comprehensive solutions designed to provide support, guidance and protection. Explore our offerings below.

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Why GuideStone Retirement?

GuideStone® is excited to offer a unique retirement plan for CCCC church staff members. The plan is offered as part of CCCC’s commitment to a secure retirement investment platform and is now available to all CCCC churches.

GuideStone is one of the nation’s largest providers of employee benefits and financial services, working with 36,000 churches and nearly 600 ministries to offer retirement plans customized to help employees reach their individual financial goals.

  • Faith-based Investments: GuideStone sponsors the nation’s largest1 faith-based mutual fund family — GuideStone Funds® — which provides you with investment options that align with your values.
  • Ministers’ Tax Benefits: GuideStone offers a 403(b)(9) church retirement plan, allowing distributions as housing allowance in retirement for employees who qualify as Ministers for Tax Purposes.
  • Personalized Services: GuideStone's team of personal financial advisors is available to deliver customized advice to members — including asset allocation, contribution planning, gap analysis, Social Security maximization and more. Plus, GuideStone's Customer Solutions department of trained specialists is also available by phone or email Monday through Friday between 7 a.m. and 6 p.m. CT to assist you in secure, knowledgeable conversations.
  • Targeted Educational Resources: Access informative and timely employee resources. Employees can find personalized tools in their MyGuideStone® accounts
Who is eligible?
  • All CCCC churches are eligible to participate in the 403(b)(9) plan.
  • Employee eligibility is determined by the church.
What types of costs are associated with the retirement plan?
  • There is no cost to the church to establish the retirement plan.
  • There will be a quarterly comprehensive plan servicing fee assessed to the member in the amount of 0.107% of the member’s total account balance (equating to 0.43% annually). For example, if the member’s account balance at the end of the quarter is $1,000, the amount deducted from the member’s account will be $1.07
What kind of contributions can be made?
  • Contributions can be made by the employer, employee or both.
  • Salary-reduced contributions by the employee can be made as tax-sheltered or Roth.
What do standard plan provisions include?
  • 100% vesting on all contributions regardless of years of service
  • One hardship withdrawal per plan year for participants less than age 59½ (must meet IRS requirements as a hardship)
  • Unlimited in-service withdrawals from the plan for participants who are at least age 59½
  • Distribution options of a single sum or systematic withdrawal payments after termination from service
  • One outstanding plan loan
  • Spousal consent is not required for beneficiary designations or distribution transactions (including loans)
How do I get started?

Step 1:

  • If you're ready to sign up: Request your church's plan documents by booking an appointment or contacting Zac Rodgers. (Please include "Your Church Name-CCCC" in your email.)
  • If you have additional questions: Schedule an appointment with Zac Rodgers

Step2 :

  • After plan document completion, you will receive information in order to enroll eligible participants to begin employee contributions via the GuideStone Employee Access® Program (EAP).
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Why GuideStone Medical Coverage & Insurance Solutions?

GuideStone believes when the body of Christ is healthy, it’s free to transform the world — and we want to help guide and equip your ministry to do just that. With GuideStone, CCCC churches have access to a variety of Christian health plans, life insurance options and other insurance solutions designed for ministries like yours.

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What We Offer

We offer a variety of both group and personal health plan designs to match your budget to your health care needs. Designed with Christian values in mind, our plans have built-in features — like nationwide networks and nurse navigators — so that you can steward your ministry dollars well.

To round out your benefits package and offer your employees peace of mind, we also offer other essential coverages.

With GuideStone, dental, vision, life, accident and disability coverage may be more cost-effective than you think!

Who is eligible?

All CCCC churches are eligible to participate in GuideStone coverage.

  • To qualify for GuideStone Group Plans, employers with two or more covered employees must contribute a minimum of 50% of the employee-only cost of medical coverage. Employees may participate in a GuideStone group health plan if they work 20 or more hours per week and are paid, full-time employees of an eligible church, agency, or institution affiliated with, or sharing common religious bonds with, the Southern Baptist Convention.
  • An individual is eligible to participate in GuideStone Personal Plans if he or she is a paid employee of an eligible CCCC church and works 20 or more hours per week.
How do I get started?

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