About Us

Helping Enhance Financial Security and Resilience for More Than 100 Years

About Us

Helping Enhance Financial Security and Resilience for More Than 100 Years

Vision | Mission | Values

GuideStone® provides churches, ministries, faith-aligned institutions and Christian households with financial solutions that support our shared biblical values — helping believers lead resilient lives and advance the Kingdom of God.

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Our Vision

Every servant of Christ finishes well.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to enhance the financial security and resilience for those who serve the Lord.

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Our Values

Integrity | Heart | Skill

We help you start well, stay well and finish well.

We come alongside you at every phase of life and ministry, providing a wide range of solutions that help enhance financial security and cultivate resilience even as your circumstances and needs change. Ultimately, we strive to help you finish well so that you and your family are well cared for in your later years, allowing you to continue serving God wholeheartedly.

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Count on GuideStone to walk alongside you today AND help you prepare for tomorrow.

Through every season of ministry, GuideStone will be with you through our comprehensive offerings:

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Faith-based Investing

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Life and Health Plan Coverage

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Property and Casualty Insurance

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Retirement Solutions

And if you end up needing a little extra help, we’ll be there, too.

Our founder, Pastor William Lunsford, promised GuideStone would be there for retired Southern Baptist pastors, workers and their widows who faithfully served our Lord and now find themselves struggling to make ends meet. We’ve never strayed from that promise — as our Mission:Dignity® ministry is at the heart of our organization.

Our mission is their dignity.

Do you need financial assistance in retirement or know a retired pastor or his widow who does?

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No matter what we do, our shared faith-based values remain front and center.

By advocating for the faith-based values of life, family, safety, health, stewardship and advocacy, GuideStone represents each of our 250,000 members in the larger conversation of faith and Christian values. We help influence companies to enact authentic, positive change as they conduct business. Additionally, we serve as your advocate in the halls of government, working with regulators and legislators on behalf of those we serve.

Because we believe in holding fast to our ideals, several decades ago GuideStone implemented an investment policy to help support our biblical values through the protection of the health, safety and emotional well-being of those we serve. GuideStone does not invest in any company that is publicly recognized (as determined by GuideStone) for offering products or services that are incompatible with the Christian values of GuideStone, including but not limited to those involving abortion, sexual immorality, alcohol, tobacco, or gambling.

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GuideStone stands for the rights of those who cannot speak for themselves, whether it is a hurting mother or a child in the womb.
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GuideStone stands for the biblical views of gender, marriage and sex, which inform our commitment to God’s design for family and human flourishing.
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GuideStone stands with the 14.1 million Americans who suffer from alcohol dependence and cause one in every three motor vehicle crash deaths in the United States.
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GuideStone stands with those who struggle with tobacco use, which destroys their bodies with harmful toxins and causes one in every three cancer deaths.
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GuideStone stands with those struggling against the gambling industry and the addiction, crime and bankruptcy that accompany it.
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GuideStone stands actively with all believers who seek to be the light of the world (Matthew 5:14).

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Icon of briefcase Combining Career with Christian Values

Combine your heart for service with your knowledge and experience to impact the Kingdom of God. Find a career at GuideStone where you can uphold biblical values without compromise and apply your skills to come alongside believers at every phase in life.

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Icon of three people, one in front and two behind Leading by Example

Meet the senior leadership of GuideStone, who seek to lead our organization and serve our churches, ministries, pastors and values-driven individuals to cultivate resilience and help them finish well.

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Icon of loudspeaker cone projecting sound Staying Current with the Latest News and Updates

From news releases to videos, webinars and more, make sure you’re up to date on what’s going on at GuideStone.

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