Our Story

For more than 100 years, we have been walking alongside ministers and believers with financial resources to help you start well, stay well and finish well — serving God wherever he leads.

GuideStone began through the vision of a pastor.

When we began in 1918, we were burdened by the fact that many retirement-aged Southern Baptist ministers and their families were in need of financial assistance to access basic needs. For many of us, we came to know the Gospel message through these servants of the cross. We were blessed by them in their pews and around their kitchen tables. Yet, financial circumstances and other challenges kept many of these from living in their later years with dignity.

Through the vision of a pastor named William Lunsford and the prayers of God’s people, GuideStone® was established to step into this gap. A $100,000 gift from the Baptist Sunday School Board kicked off our ministry, followed by $1 million in gifts from John D. Rockefeller Sr. and John D. Rockefeller Jr.

Today, we stand by you with steadfast service.

Over the last century, GuideStone has developed a comprehensive set of financial solutions and expanded our reach beyond Southern Baptist churches and ministers to Christians based in all 50 states including those serving globally. We now provide expert financial guidance rooted in biblical values through retirement plans, investments, health plans, insurance and more to help you work toward financial security and resilience as you answer God’s call on your life.

As one of the historic boards of the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC), GuideStone affirms the beliefs and statement of faith adopted by Southern Baptists.

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If you end up needing a little extra help, we’ll be there, too.

Our founder, Pastor William Lunsford, promised GuideStone would be there for retired Southern Baptist pastors, workers and their widows who faithfully served our Lord and now find themselves struggling to make ends meet. We’ve never strayed from that promise, with our Mission:Dignity® ministry at the heart of our organization.

Our mission is their dignity.

Do you need financial assistance in retirement or know a retired pastor or his widow who does?

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