Who We Serve

Since 1918, GuideStone® has been on a Mission to provide Dignity to retirement-aged Southern Baptist ministers, workers and their widows. We serve about 1,900 households each year by providing needed financial assistance to help pay for housing, food and medical costs. Because of this help, these servants of the Lord continue to live with dignity, independence and, often, the ability to continue serving.

Daylon Hicks
Daylon Hick's Story: A Blessed Hope
Growing up, Daylon Hick’s family didn’t attend church as his parents ran a small store and worked there from “can till can’t,” as they say.
Bob Buckner
Homer Hinson's Story: Doubly Blessed
“We blew kisses through the window to each other every day,” Doris said. “Being married for 57 years, it was hard not being allowed to touch, hug or kiss him.”
David and Maria Caballero
David Caballero: The Right Time
“There are no words that can express our gratitude. It was an answered prayer, and the assistance came at the right time. The additional help allowed us to breathe, and it took a load off of our shoulders. We know the Lord always provides, and He did!”
2021-01-26 Article: Riches of the Gospel, Coy and Jean Brown's Story
Coy and Jean Brown’s Story: Riches of the Gospel
“I didn’t have a megachurch, but I had a mega heart.”
For 40 years, Coy Brown was the pastor of Greater New Hope Baptist Church in the small, inner-city Oak Cliff community of Dallas with his wife, Jean, by his side.
Picture of two men. Left; Dr. Aaron Meraz, Director, Mission:Dignity. Right; Mission:Dignity Recipient, Marcos Urbina
Marcos Urbina's Story: A Reluctant Call; A Resounding Response
When he moved to the states, he found himself a secure job building aircrafts. Soon, Marcos found himself volunteering in a music ministry. One Sunday morning, through a guest speaker’s message, Marcos knew immediately that the Lord was calling him to preach.
Picture of Mission:Dignity Recipient, Joan Wooley
Joan Woolley's Story: Mission:Dignity® Serves More than Pastors
As a country pastor’s daughter, Joan Woolley has always had a heart for the rural church. Knowing her father’s example of faith in Joan’s childhood, it is no surprise that she soon found herself back serving in a rural church.
2021-06-28 Article: Advancing the Kingdom Above All, Lupe Rando's Story
Lupe Rando's Story: Advancing the Kingdom Above All
The Randos were in the ministry to solely advance the Kingdom of God and never expected a salary. Small church pastoring can be difficult even in the best of times, and they did not receive the same compensation as pastors of large churches.
2021-01-26 Article: A Common Thread, Doris Jackson's Story
Doris Jackson’s Story: A Common Thread
Cancer took away her husband, putting Doris Jackson in a financial bind. “But God’s loving heart and tender hands led Mission:Dignity® my way.”
The Moons' Story: Asking for Help
Ken and Marilene Moon met and married young but knew the Lord’s plan for their lives early on in their relationship.

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