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Choose an Individual Retirement Account (IRA)

By opening or rolling into an IRA, you can take advantage of several benefits and responsibly prepare for the future.

Tax advantages for Traditional and Roth IRAs

Traditional IRAs benefit from earnings that grow tax-deferred. The earnings in Roth IRAs are tax-free if a qualified withdrawal occurs.

IRA Contribution limits (2014 & 2015)

  • Traditional and Roth IRA limits — $5,500
  • Catch-up contribution limit (must be age 50 or over) — Additional $1,000 ($6,500 total)

Flexibility to invest in any of our award-winning funds

With a GuideStone IRA, you have full access to our wide range of Christian-screened investment options. This allows you the flexibility to build an IRA that helps meet your investment objectives while aligning with the values you cherish most.

An investment approach with the goal to maximize returns and
reduce risk

Your GuideStone IRA provides you with multiple, proven investment management firms within one fund. The goal of this multi-manager approach is to maximize returns while reducing your exposure to risk.


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Retail products such as IRAs, personal investment options and institutional investment opportunities are made available through GuideStone Financial Services, member FINRA.