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Serving more than 50,000 churches and ministries, GuideStone® is a leader in church retirement plans, and we are uniquely qualified to provide your church or organization with a competitive, customized retirement plan.

GuideStone works with you to determine the plan that best fits the needs of your organization. Our full suite of retirement plan options includes 403(b)(9), 403(b)(7) and 401(k) plans — both non-ERISA church plans and ERISA plans — as well as 409A, 457(f) and 457(b) nonqualified deferred compensation (NQDC) plans.

In addition to our retirement plan options, your employees will also be able to take advantage of our expertise in ministers’ tax issues. In fact, our plans allow for qualified retired ministers to designate some or all of their retirement income as minister’s housing allowance, providing a significant tax advantage over traditional retirement plans.

403(b) Church Plans

Engage in a plan designed for faith-based organizations.

There are many advantages to a non-ERISA church retirement plan, including decreased cost, administrative ease and reduced regulatory risk. If you haven’t considered its benefits, here are a few additional advantages:

  • Elimination of nondiscrimination testing for churches and qualified church-controlled organizations (QCCOs)
  • Elimination of testing on deferrals — replaced by universal availability requirements — for non-qualified church-controlled organizations (NQCCOs)
  • Elimination of top-heavy testing (examining if the plan disproportionately favors certain officers/owners)

Additionally, many non-ERISA retirement plans enjoy expanded contribution options:

  • Five-year, post-termination employer contributions for selected employees
  • Additional employer contribution options for employees with little or no taxable income

401(k) Church Plans

GuideStone also offers 401(k) church plans for organizations established as for-profit. While similar to other 401(k) plans, a church plan is not subject to certain ERISA requirements, such as annual Form 5500 reporting. In addition, a 401(k) church retirement plan offers retired ministers the ability to have retirement distributions designated as housing allowance.

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