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File a Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) Domestic Medical Claim

You will only need to file a medical claim for out-of-network services.

To file an out-of-network claim:

  • Review the Out-of-Network FAQ
  • Complete the Highmark Medical Claim Form
  • Submit itemized bills showing the name of the patient, diagnosis and services rendered.
  • If the claim(s) are the result of an accident, include details about the accident on a separate sheet of paper:
    • When the accident occurred
    • Where the accident occurred
    • How the accident occurred
  • Retain copy of each claim filed for yourself
  • Mail the claim form and accidental details document to:

    Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS)
    P.O. BOX 1210
    Pittsburgh, PA 15230-1210

For additional information on claims, please refer to the Claims FAQs.

Out-of-Network FAQHighmark Medical Claim FormClaims FAQs
File a Domestic Claim for Reimbursement of a Prescription Drug

To file a claim for a prescription drug reimbursement:

  • Complete the Express Scripts® Prescription Drug Reimbursement / Coordination of Benefits Claim Form
  • Mail completed form and receipt(s) to:

    Express Scripts
    ATTN: Commercial Claims
    P.O. Box 14711
    Lexington, KY 40512-4711

    For additional information, please refer to the Claims FAQs and the Prescription FAQs.
  • Express Scripts contact information:

    Member Services — 1-800-555-3432
    Pharmacy Help Line — 1-800-922-1557

For more information, visit

Prescription Drug Reimbursement / Coordination of Benefits Claim FormClaims FAQsPrescription FAQsMember Services: 1-800-555-3432Prescription Services:
File a BCBS Global Core International Medical Claim

To file an international claim with BCBS Global Core, complete one of the following:

  • Submit your claim online at
  • Submit your claim through the BCBS Global Core mobile app or
  • Complete a BCBS Global Care Claim Form

For the most updated information on how to submit an international medical claim, please log in to or create an account at

BCBSGlobalCore.comMobile App (iPhone)Mobile App (Android)BCBS Global Care Claim Form
File a Cigna International Medical Claim

To file an international claim with Cigna International, complete the Cigna International Claim Form via one of the following options:

  • Submit the form through the secured member website at
  • Submit the form via fax to:
    • 1-800-243-6998 (outside the U.S., via AT&T plus the country's access code)
    • 1-302-797-3150 (inside the U.S.)
  • Mail your completed form to

    Cigna Global Health Benefits
    Customer Service Center
    P.O. Box15050
    Wilmington, DE 1985-5050 USA


    Cigna Global Health Benefits
    Customer Service Center
    300 Bellevue Parkway
    Wilmington, DE 19809

Tips to speed up claims processing
Be sure to complete the claim form entirely. Provide a diagnosis or explanation of treatment on the claim form. State how and where you want reimbursement issued. Email or fax claim form and bills instead of mailing it. Save the original copies of your bills, receipts and claim form.

Cigna International Claim
File an International Claim for Reimbursement of a Prescription Drug (BCBS Global Core)

To file an international claim for a prescription drug, complete the Express Scripts Prescription Claim Form and mail it to the address on the form. To ensure completion of the claim, tape receipts and important claim information to the form such as:

  • Date prescription filled
  • Name and address of the pharmacy
  • Doctor name or I.D. number
  • NDC number (drug number)
  • Name of drug and strength
  • Quantity and days’ supply
  • Prescription number (Rx number)
  • DAW (Dispense as Written)
  • Amount paid

Be sure to include a domestic mailing address as reimbursement claims cannot be sent to overseas addresses.

If you have any questions, contact Express Scripts directly at 1-800-497-4641 (with an AT&T USADirect® access code if you are traveling) or call collect at 1-614-421-8292.

Express Scripts Prescription Claim FormAT&T USADirect® access codeDirect: 1-800-497-4641Collect: 1-614-421-8292
File a Disability Claim

To file a short-term or a long-term disability claim:

  • Complete the Disability Claim form
  • Return the form to GuideStone via:
    • Mail:
      GuideStone Financial Resources
      Insurance Operations Claims
      5005 LBJ Freeway, Ste. 2200
      Dallas, TX 75244-6152
    • Fax:

Group Plans participants should contact their employer administrator.

For additional information, please refer to the Claims FAQs and the Disability FAQs.

Disability Claim formClaims FAQsDisability FAQs
File a life and/or accident claim

To file a term life or accident claim:

  • Contact us to request a claim form
  • Submit a copy of the death certificate if using a term life claim form or an accidental death claim form.

For additional information, please refer to the Claims FAQs and the Life and Accident FAQs

Make sure you have designated a beneficiary.

If you have a life or accident policy, you will want to make sure you have designated a beneficiary. It is also recommended that you update your beneficiary information every time a significant life event occurs or every five to 10 years to ensure the information is as up-to-date as possible.

There are two ways to designate or update your beneficiary:

  1. Update your beneficiary through your MyGuideStone® account

    To designate or update a beneficiary online, log into your MyGuideStone account and select the “Insurance” tab and then the “Beneficiaries” tab. You can then designate a beneficiary. If you need further assistance, please call Customer Solutions at 1-844-467-4843.
  2. Submit a Beneficiary Designation Form

    Another option is to print and complete the Beneficiary Designation Form  according to the instructions if you want to either designate a beneficiary or revoke a prior beneficiary designation page. Please then return the form to:

    5005 LBJ Freeway, Ste. 2200
    Dallas, TX 75244-6152
Contact UsClaims FAQsLife and Accident FAQsBeneficiary Designation Form
File a Premier Dental Care and Choice Dental Care claims

Typically, a dentist’s office will file claims as needed for reimbursement. Have your dentist submit your claim on any American Dental Association (ADA) approved claim form or download a dental claim form after logging in to your&nbs; account. Check with your dental office to make sure you know their policies and procedures to handle claims.

To file a Premier Dental Care or Choice Dental Care claim:

  • Download dental claim form(s) through and complete a separate dental claim form for each family member.
  • Complete the patient and subscriber (employee) information on the dental claim form. You may need to use information from your I.D. card.
  • The group number for the GuideStone dental plan is 3172000.
  • Submit an itemized statement showing the patient’s name, types of service (ADA codes), date of service and dentist’s name and address.
  • Keep a copy of each claim that you file.
  • Mail to:
    Cigna Dental
    P.O. Box 188037
    Chattanooga, TN 37422-8037

To see if your dentist has filed a claim, access your account through

For additional information, please refer to the Claims FAQs and the Dental FAQs.

MyCigna.comClaims FAQsDental FAQs
File a Cigna Dental Care DHMO claims

There are no claim forms to be filed. The general dentist or specialist will file any necessary paperwork.

For additional information, please refer to the Claims FAQs and the Dental FAQs.

Claims FAQsDental FAQs
File a Property & Casualty Claim

At GuideStone Property and Casualty®, it is both our privilege and our priority to help you keep your ministry safe and manage risks.
In the event of a loss, report a claim via:

(214) 720-28681-800-933-1849 (after hours)Email