Steward your resources with purpose.

Team up with our Christian financial advisors to finish well and make a positive impact for the Kingdom.

Steward your resources with purpose.

Team up with our Christian financial advisors to finish well and make a positive impact for the Kingdom.

GuideStone Wealth Management

As Christians, we’re called to steward our gifts well (Matthew 25:14-30). Financial decisions can be overwhelming, and it can be difficult to know which direction to turn or who to trust. A GuideStone® advisor can provide faith-aligned direction to help secure your family’s future and well-being and maximize your impact on the Kingdom.

A Relationship-Focused Advisor | A Financial Plan Tailored to You | Competitive Asset-Based Fees

We’ll help you steward your finances well.

With GuideStone Wealth Management™, we can guide you in developing a comprehensive plan that aligns your faith with your finances.
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Financial Planning
Define objectives and craft a custom financial plan to strive toward your goals.
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Investment Management
Steward your money well with faith-based investments and trusted portfolio management.
Icon of shield and heart, representing insurance product
Insurance Planning
Review your coverage with your advisor to fill in gaps so that you and your family are protected.
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Estate Planning
Create a will, establish a trust, designate beneficiaries and strategize to minimize taxes.
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Tax Planning
Maximize your resources by reducing tax liabilities through various strategies.
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Charitable Giving
Make the most of your charitable giving with strategies like donor-advised funds.

Not looking for these services? Check out GuideStone Managed Accounts, a simpler service where our team of advisors will actively manage your account based on your retirement goals.

Why GuideStone Wealth Management?

At GuideStone, we want every servant of Christ to finish well. Our mission is to enhance the financial security and resilience for those who serve the Lord.

GuideStone Wealth Management will help guide you toward financial well-being, empowering you to protect your loved ones, give generously and pursue your ministerial or personal passions.

Our team is dedicated to serving those who want to honor the Lord with their finances. We believe the advisor relationship is more than a financial conversation. It’s a sharing of values. Our advisors understand what it means to be good stewards because, like you, our faith informs everything we do.

Faith-Based Investments

At GuideStone, we focus on making faith-aligned investments:

  • We don’t invest in companies that are publicly recognized for offering products and services that conflict with Christian values.
  • We encourage companies we invest in to develop more Christ-honoring practices.
  • We offer the opportunity to invest in companies and organizations working to make an impact for the Kingdom.

With GuideStone, you can invest according to your Christian values and make a meaningful difference while preparing for your financial future.

  • Work with a Christian financial advisor and Christian firm that shares your values
  • Receive a personalized wealth plan aligned with how God has called you to impact the Kingdom
  • Address your financial needs associated with investments, financial planning, estate planning, insurance planning and tax planning
  • Work with an advisor and/or firm that may not be aligned with your values
  • Independently navigate complex financial decisions and keep up with new tax laws and regulations
  • Develop a strategy on your own that addresses all of your financial needs and goals

Not looking for these services? Check out GuideStone Managed Accounts, a simpler service where our team of advisors will actively manage your account based on your retirement goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I work with an advisor?

Most people don't have the time or capacity to make the best financial decisions on their own. Working with an advisor will help you evaluate your situation and make the right decisions

How often do you change my investments, and do I have a say in those decisions?

At the beginning of the engagement, we determine your overall risk tolerance and target allocation. After that, we use technology to regularly evaluate if your account(s) need to be reallocated. We do not aim to trade too frequently but rather when the market provides an opportunity to rebalance.

What are some questions you will ask me in our meeting(s)?

In addition to some personal questions to get to know you, be prepared to discuss these major topics:

  • What are your goals and aspirations?
  • What are your overall assets?
  • What is your monthly income?
  • What are your monthly expenses?
  • What are your tax concerns?

Learning this information will help your advisor determine the best course of action.  

What services are available with GuideStone Wealth Management?

With GuideStone Wealth Management, you have access to these services and perks.

  1. Personalized Investment Management
  2. Retirement Roadmap
  3. Advisor Insights Newsletters
  4. A dedicated advisor
  5. Comprehensive financial planning
  6. Estate planning*
  7. Insurance planning
  8. Tax planning
  9. Tax preparation services by a third party*
  10. Charitable giving strategies

*Additional fees may apply.

What designations and how much experience do advisors at GuideStone have?

The majority of our advisors are Certified Professional Planners® and several advisors have additional designations. The average experience of each member of our advisory team is over 13 years of advisory experience.

What does our communication look like? How often do you communicate with me?

With GuideStone Wealth Management, you will have access to your dedicated advisor’s calendar to book appointments with them if you have questions or concerns. Once a year, we will also contact you to schedule an annual review of your progress and plan.

Will I get better performance since the account will be managed more closely?

While we can’t guarantee performance, your account with GuideStone will be actively managed and monitored to take advantage of market changes and help keep your plan on track. Your advisor will also work with you to understand your goals and create a strategy that enables you to make progress toward those goals.

An advisor can also help you remain level-headed when the market does something unexpected, reducing emotional knee-jerk reactions that can harm your progress.

Our Advisors are Dedicated to Serving You

Angela McClain
One of my favorite parts of my career is serving those who love the Lord and helping them use their God-given resources to make a difference in their lives, their families’ lives and those in need. It’s a privilege to work together to serve the Kingdom.”
Angela McClain

Angela McClain, CFP®

Kyler Wheeler
Being able to serve believers and unite on faith and stewardship is very rewarding. Serving those in the church is truly a life-changing opportunity. My family and I are currently involved with a church plant, so it’s amazing to see first-hand the eternal impact our clients are having in their ministry.”
Kyler Wheeler

Kyle Wheeler, CFP®, CKA®

Jeff Weathers
It is a privilege to serve all our GuideStone clients, but I am especially grateful for the opportunity to assist our overseas missionaries — many of whom I personally served with for several years before becoming an advisor. I love sharing in the renewed peace of mind that our tailored retirement plan brings after the client’s many years of diligent financial stewardship.”
Jeff Weathers

Jeff Weathers, CFP®

Meet the Advisors

GuideStone Advisors® has the values, expertise and tools to help you align finances with faith, maximizing your impact on his Kingdom through your finances.


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GuideStone Wealth Management and GuideStone Managed Accounts™ services are fee-based services available to investors in personal investment accounts and non-ERISA retirement accounts offered by a GuideStone affiliate. An advisory fee for the service is assessed quarterly and based on total assets in the account. These fees are in addition to the underlying mutual fund fees. 

Advisory services offered through GuideStone Advisors®, an SEC Registered Investment Adviser. GuideStone Advisors is a controlled affiliate of GuideStone Financial Resources®. For more information about the firm, products and services, please review the GuideStone Affiliate Form CRS.

GuideStone, its affiliates, and financial advisors do not provide legal, tax, or accounting advice. You should consult your legal and/or tax advisors before making any financial decisions.