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Prepare for tomorrow by starting your retirement savings journey today.

Retirement Plan Solutions

At GuideStone®, our mission is serving you. We are committed to equipping pastors, church workers, missionaries, chaplains, collegiate staff, hospital employees and other ministry-minded individuals with retirement plans designed with ministry in mind.

No matter where you are on your retirement savings journey, we will serve as a guide to and through your retirement years. GuideStone strives to provide a broad range of investment strategy options and personalized support to help meet your unique financial goals.

See which retirement plan fits your needs:

Southern Baptist Church Retirement Plan

Prepare for your retirement years with our Church Retirement Plan created and designed specifically for Southern Baptists. The plan is open to anyone who receives W-2 taxable income from a Southern Baptist church, church-related school or association. This can include full- or part-time ministers, office personnel, musicians, church-school teachers or any other staff member. Plus, if you actively participate in the SBC Church Retirement Plan, you may be eligible for additional SBC church benefits through GuideStone.

Retirement Plans for SBC Organizations and Agencies

If you work at an organization or agency affiliated with the SBC but is not formally a church, contact us for more information to open a retirement plan. Your affiliation with the SBC will help us create a plan design right for you.

Retirement Plans for Faith-based Organizations

If you are an employee of a church or an organization such as a university, college, hospital or other ministry not affiliated with the SBC, GuideStone still might be serving your retirement plan needs. Please consult with your benefits administrator to find out and enroll in your GuideStone retirement plan.
If your church or faith-based organization does not have a retirement plan with GuideStone, we invite you to learn more about how we may be able to help.

Ministers and Chaplains Retirement Plan

If you are self-employed as a minister or employed as a chaplain, you may be eligible for this uniquely designed retirement plan.

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Start working toward saving at least 15% of your salary — between both employee and employer contributions — for long-term retirement investing. When possible, it’s best to contribute a percentage of your income to your retirement savings, rather than a set dollar amount. As your income rises, your contribution amount will automatically increase, helping you reach your savings goals.

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Be sure to consider all of your available options before rolling over your retirement assets. It is important to consider all of the potential advantages and disadvantages of rolling over your retirement assets to an IRA, including the different investment options that are available to you as well as the services, fees, expenses, withdrawal restrictions and tax consequences of rolling over your assets to an IRA. Other options are available besides rolling over your employer-sponsored retirement plan, including leaving the account with your previous employer. An employer-sponsored retirement plan may offer advantages investors can’t get if they roll the money into an IRA