Priority of Prayer Focus of New Code Series Book

Priority of prayer focus of new Code series book


Scripture only records the disciples asking Jesus to teach them one thing: How to pray.

In response, He offered them the model prayer. Scripture is replete with examples of other prayers, yet too many Christians still don’t know how — or choose not – to pray.

Such is the need that prompted GuideStone President O.S Hawkins to author his newest book, The Prayer Code: 40 Scripture Prayers Every Believer Should Pray.

“We rightly focus on God’s timeless, inerrant Word,” Hawkins said. “But sometimes, the struggles we face only come out by prayer and fasting. In fact, without the Bible, prayer has no real direction. But without prayer, the Bible is less dynamic. Like ham and eggs, corned beef and cabbage, steak and potatoes, the Bible and prayer go hand in hand. Most believers understand the importance of Scripture study — even if they don’t always know how to start — but as we study Scripture, we need to make sure prayer is a key component of this.”

The book is available in English or Spanish. (The Spanish companion book — with the same content as its English counterpart — is La Clave de la Oración: 40 Oraciones de las Escrituras que Cada Creyente Debería Orar.)

All author royalties and proceeds of The Prayer Code and La Clave de la Oración benefit Mission:Dignity, GuideStone’s relief ministry to retired pastors and, in most cases, their widows.

Scripture constantly records the heroes of the faith on their knees, seeking the Lord’s will, counsel or help. Learning from these heroes of the faith and applying those lessons in believers’ lives is the goal throughout the 40 chapters of The Prayer Code.

The Prayer Code represents the twelfth volume in the best-selling Code series. Each of the books speaks to a part of Christian discipleship. Multiple audiences can use the books from Christians wanting to introduce lost friends and family to the faith, believers wanting to grow in their own walks, and even pastors who wish to lead their churches through studies on the topics covered by the books.

Each chapter of The Prayer Code includes an expository outline of the scripture prayer, devotional thoughts regarding it, a code word to keep the message in mind throughout the day as you apply it to your life, and a code verse to memorize and meditate upon to seal the truth in your heart.

The book is available through all book retailers, including Lifeway, Amazon, Barnes & Noble and others. Deeply discounted bulk orders are available by calling ChurchSource at 1-800-727-3480 or visiting



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