Mission:Dignity recipients in Michigan to receive 13th Check in 2023



Mission:Dignity® recipients in Michigan will receive an extra check — a 13th check — in 2023, thanks to churches in the Baptist State Convention of Michigan.

Michigan is the latest state convention to join with GuideStone® to provide a check equivalent to one month’s honorarium.

“Honor should be given where honor is due and great honor is deserved by those who have served our Lord with dignity and faithfulness,” said Tim Patterson, Executive Director of the Baptist State Convention of Michigan. “That is why the Baptist State Convention of Michigan is pleased to honor our Mission Dignity recipients with the 13th Check. GuideStone has led well in remembering well those who have been faithful servants for His Kingdom. We must never forget those upon whose shoulders we stand. We pray God’s richest blessings on these sweet saints and pray for great success in the continued work of Mission:Dignity.”

In 2022, Mission:Dignity assisted more than 2,800 individuals with extra money needed for housing, food and vital medications. It also ensures a well-deserved dignity, independence and, often, the ability to continue serving the Lord. Last year, seven pastors and their wives, or their widows, in Michigan were served through Mission:Dignity

GuideStone President Hance Dilbeck expressed his thanks for the continued generosity of Michigan churches.

“We do well when we remember those who served our Lord in His churches,” Dilbeck said. “I am thankful that a dozen states have caught the vision to provide an extra honor to retired Southern Baptist pastors, their wives and their widows who we are privileged to serve through Mission:Dignity. Our Michigan recipients will be blessed due to the generosity of the people of the churches in the Baptist State Convention of Michigan.”

Mission:Dignity expressed its thankfulness for the efforts of Michigan churches.

“What a tremendous honor it is to see our Southern Baptist family in Michigan capture the vision for Mission:Dignity,” Mission:Dignity Director Aaron Meraz said. “The retired pastors, their wives or widows we serve will truly be blessed by this extra check during this period of inflation and uncertainty. God is certainly using Mission:Dignity as his hand extended to so many of His servants.”

To learn more about Mission:Dignity, to refer someone in need, or to make a donation, visit MissionDignity.org.



Roy Hayhurst is the director of denominational and public relations at GuideStone.

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