Insurance Resources for Ministries

Insurance Resources for Ministries

GuideStone® believes when the body of Christ is healthy, it's free to transform the world — and we want to help guide and equip your ministry and its people to do just that.

We understand insurance can be complicated, and we want to help make it easier! From health plans to property and casualty protection, our priority is delivering quality coverage designed for churches, ministries and Christian institutions of all shapes and sizes so you can focus on fulfilling your calling.

Serving you well means:
Having Aligned Christian Values
We've been serving ministries like yours for more than 100 years – we understand your values because they're our values too.
Stewarding Your Resources
We know you have the responsibility to steward ministry dollars well, so we offer a variety of coverage options to match your budget needs.
Providing You Quality Coverage
We're dedicated to providing quality coverage and excellent customer service — all with a Kingdom perspective.
Offering You One-on-One Consultations
You don't have to walk this journey alone. We'll work to find the right health plan and property and casualty protection that fits the needs of your ministry best.

Find the Right Medical Coverage for Your Staff

Did you know? According to a study conducted by Texas Baptists1, only 24% of pastors have health coverage through their church, while small church pastors are 60% less likely to have health coverage than large church pastors.

At GuideStone, we recognize the unique challenges that pastors face, and our hope is to guide and equip your team to alleviate the stress around choosing the right medical plan. To get started, listen to one of our GuideStone insurance experts discuss four common medical options available to you so you can be equipped to select a benefit plan that's a good fit for your ministry, your team and your budget.

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A Guide to Six Common Health Care Strategies

Today, there are more options – and more rules – than at any other time in history. To help you determine the right choice for your church, ministry or Christian institution, we've outlined the six most common modern health care strategies we've encountered — including both the benefits and risks of each.

Special Open Enrollment Information

When researching health care options for your ministry, keep in mind that the federal government has declared a Special Enrollment Period (SEP) that re-opens the Affordable Care Act (ACA) marketplace from February 15 to August 15, 2021. This allows you and your team to enroll in marketplace plans for 2021 without the need for a qualifying event.2

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Explore Your Property and Casualty Options

At GuideStone, we want to empower your ministry and people to stay protected so you can focus on fulfilling your calling. So, we have teamed up with Brotherhood Mutual Insurance Company (BMIC) to provide churches with tailored property and casualty insurance. Our property and casualty offerings include property insurance, liability and excess liability insurance, commercial auto, workers compensation and mission travel.

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How to Protect Your Ministry

We want to help you be proactive in protecting your ministry and those you serve. But the reality is that accidents happen, injustice takes place, and disasters strike. We want to equip you to prepare for and respond to those potential trials by sharing the top seven risks to your church or ministry based on the most frequent claims clients filed to GuideStone's property and casualty insurance in 2020.

Prepare for Your Financial Future

In addition, GuideStone offers comprehensive retirement plans designed to accomplish your organizational goals and prepare your employees for a successful retirement. Our team of experts will walk alongside you to provide impactful plan design, engaging educational resources and faith-based investment options so that you can stay focused on the mission at hand.

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Doug Grissom, Senior Pastor, Twin Cities Baptist Church
We were going to have to close our doors. Property and Casualty Insurance was so high. The quote from GuideStone saved us a little over 60%, but the coverage was comparable - greater in some areas. It was quick, easy and extremely timely for us. GuideStone’s coverage allowed us to keep our doors open.”
Doug Grissom, Senior Pastor, Twin Cities Baptist Church

Doug Grissom, Senior Pastor
Twin Cities Baptist Church

Alan Taylor, Business Administrator, FBC Trussville, Trussville, AL
You need somebody you can depend on. You need somebody that’s affordable. You need somebody you can trust. You need somebody that you can call and get a response. GuideStone has exceeded all of those things for us. Insurance is not always an easy subject. They make it so easy.”
Alan Taylor, Business Administrator, FBC Trussville, Trussville, AL

Alan Taylor, Business Administrator
FBC Trussville, Trussville, Alabama


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