God’s Already Working: Helen Johnson’s Story


Helen Johnson grew up on a farm in eastern Oklahoma, close to Fort Smith, Arkansas. She graduated from the local high school in 1949 and went straight to Oklahoma City to work, addressing envelopes for an advertising agency. During her time in Oklahoma City, she surrendered her life to full-time Christian work and decided to move to Dallas to attend Bible college.

On the second day of classes, she met the love of her life. MC Johnson, a ministerial student from Lake Charles, Louisiana, followed Helen to the bus stop that day and never let her go. They soon married and served together in ministry in Mississippi and Maryland for 61 years until the Lord called him home.

After her husband passed away, Helen didn’t know how she would survive. When she received her first Social Security check, it only covered rent. She still had medicine and other expenses but no additional income.

Shortly after that, someone invited Helen to a luncheon because her husband had been a participant of GuideStone®. It was there that she heard about Mission:Dignity®.

With the help of Mission:Dignity, Helen can now pay the electricity bill for her apartment, the food on her table and is keeping her on her feet, paying any medical bills that have come along the way. Most importantly to Helen, “Mission:Dignity has helped me continue my ministry, sharing the Gospel and volunteering at the Friendship House at First Baptist Church, Garland, Texas.”

“I always knew that God would supply my needs, but I didn’t know He was already working,” says Helen, “I don’t know how I can say enough to thank Mission:Dignity.”

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