Sarah Jacks’ Story: Still Blooming


It was back in 1984 when Sarah lost her husband, whom she describes as “the greatest man she ever knew.” Most of their marriage had been spent in ministry — working alongside each other as they raised their four children. Sarah taught school for 17 years after Dial’s death. Without the income, she wouldn’t have had enough to pay for their home and keep up with all of the expenses of living in a house more than 100 years old.

When she reached retirement age and began drawing on Dial’s small annuity with GuideStone®, the Mission:Dignity® ministry reached out to find out if she needed any help. Sarah filled out an application and received her first check in September 1996.

Glad to continue service to God in any capacity, Sarah enjoys sending cards to shut-ins. With three lists to rotate through, someone is always receiving a note or card from her. She also ministers to others by praying for those who send her requests. “Prayer is one of my greatest ministries,” she says. “Every day God gives me new reasons to sing His praise.

“There’s never a day I don’t realize God has given me friends like you,” Sarah says. “Thank you so much, donors, for your gracious giving. You have no idea how you have blessed my life. It has enabled me to enjoy living and serving our Lord as otherwise I would never be able to do.”

Now, she watches as her grandchildren marry and have children as well. One son is a minister, and four of her 15 grandchildren live on the street where she lives. She continues to write poetry, but one of the most touching was the one she wrote for her husband in 1984. “Not the greatest poetry, but look closely,” Sarah tells us. “My heart is inside.”

Farewell, My Love

“We may not always trace His hand, but we can always trust His heart”
I repeat this saying over as we know we must soon part.
These last few days I’ve watched you as you agonized with strain.
I’ve looked into your eyes have seen in them the pain.
Yet I’ve seen you too, My Darling, tho you’re tired and very weak,
Always to those who tended you a word of kindness speak.
Always saying “I Love You,” with such sincerity.
It stirs me when I hear it; It’s what endeared you first to me.
As I sit and watch the bustle from these windows in your room,
My heart is crushed with sorrow that you must go so soon.
There’s so much work for you to do; A church to build on love.
But it seems God has a greater plan for you to do above.
We must bow to his bidding – Tho to me it senseless seems,
To break our life here with its hopes and with its dreams.
But our Father knows best, Darling, for he has another plan.
We know that our Father’s ways are not always known by man.
We’ve spent our lives repeating this, of us it’s been a part:
“We may not always trace His hand, but we can always trust His heart.”

Farewell, My Love

Written by Sarah Bryant Jacks to Rev. Frank Dial Jacks on December 6, 1984.

Rev. Frank Dial Jacks went to be with the Lord on December 10, 1984.

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