The Calling of the Lord Is Sure


Miguel and Piedad DeLuna were on a different path when God called them to ministry. Miguel’s dream was to start his own furniture company until a vision from the Lord changed everything. They answered the call.

The DeLunas had a passion for serving the Latino community and the migrant workers of the Midwest. Their first church was in Michigan, but they then served in Nebraska, Missouri and Texas. Miguel’s Catholic background prepared him to reach these people at their point of need and make a Kingdom impact.

After serving all over the Midwest for 25 years, the DeLunas retired and found themselves in need of financial assistance to make ends meet. Today, Mission:Dignity® makes it possible for Miguel and Piedad to pay their utility bills and put food on the table instead of having to choose between the two necessities.

“Whoever started Mission:Dignity was listening to the Almighty!” says Miguel. “Realizing that all this money comes from a lot of people that sacrificed, we are very grateful.”

“We really do appreciate these gifts,” says Piedad. “Mission:Dignity has been a blessing to our lives and even more than a blessing. We pray every day for those people that are giving so that we can have enough.”

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Take the next step.