Louise Scoggins' Story: The Lord Had Other Plans


Louise had other intentions for her life than marriage, but the Lord was at work.

"I was going to Dallas to be a secretary. I wasn't looking for a husband," Louise recalls. But on a bus ride home, there was a young man who had just come back from service in World War II. His name was Malcolm Scoggins.

"Well, our acquaintance led to one thing or another, and I fell in love with the old boy," remembers Louise.

The two lovebirds married and moved to Dallas. Not long after their wedding, she became a little worried, "Malcolm began to act like something was bothering him. Come to find out one Sunday night, he walked the aisle and told the preacher that he felt like God was calling him to preach!"

"Little did I know that in a foxhole some miles and miles away over in China, Malcolm had told God that if he could get home, he would do anything for Him," says Louise.

Malcolm asked Louise, "Could you be a preacher's wife?"

And she said, "Well, I guess I could if I had to." Louise had other intentions for her life than formal ministry, but here was the Lord at work once again.

In seminary and beyond, Malcolm felt called to plant churches all over Texas. Together, he and Louise served the Lord faithfully for more than 50 years baptizing new believers and reviving vacant churches in the rural areas surrounding Dallas.

After many years of ministry, Malcolm's health began to decline, and Louise found herself at a crossroads when he died in 2015. The medical bills from Malcolm's long illness depleted the little retirement savings they had, and she had no financial support to rely on going forward.

Fortunately, Louise heard about Mission:Dignity® and was approved for a monthly grant, making all the difference in her budget. The expense grant she receives each month empowers her to pay her utility bills and assures her of the love and care of her Southern Baptist family.

Take it from Louise, "Malcolm went home to be with the Lord knowing that Mission:Dignity would take care of me." The Lord was and is still at work.

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