Raul and Alicia Ortizes' Story: When We Need It Most


Hailing originally from Uvalde, Texas, Raul Ortiz grew up Catholic. It wasn’t until the lovely Alicia invited him to attend the local Baptist church that he came to faith in Christ and felt God’s call on his life to preach the Gospel. The rest, they say, is history.

Raul and Alicia Ortiz served the Lord all over New Mexico and Texas for more than 50 years. Ministry life was not always easy, but the Lord always supplied their needs.

“There were times when I helped out in churches, and sometimes, they would give us a little offering as payment, sometimes they would not give us anything,” says Raul. “But somehow, the Lord would provide.”

Despite being retired, Raul still helps out at a local church as an associate pastor, but since moving back to Texas in 2005, both Raul and Alicia have suffered many health problems and mounting medical bills. The Ortizes found out about Mission:Dignity® through GuideStone® and were overjoyed to receive assistance.

“When we heard our Mission:Dignity application had been accepted,” remembers Alicia, “we thought, ‘Somebody cares after all these years of service. Somebody is giving us a hand when we need it most.’”

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