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Protecting Your People, Property and Passion During COVID-19

At GuideStone Property and Casualty®, our goal is to serve evangelical churches and ministries like yours by providing trusted ministry protection and risk management solutions to guide you through these uncertain days. We want to help ease some of your stress so you can focus on what’s most important — fulfilling your calling to spread the gospel.

Please take advantage of the resources below to help you manage risk and receive the support you need in the event of a loss.

Risk Management Resources

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Icon of door opening COVID-19: Road Map to Re-Entry

As your church or ministry looks forward to resuming in-person operations and worship, now is the time to carefully plan for a safe and effective re-entry. To help you navigate the coming weeks and months, GuideStone® has compiled a list of questions for your consideration as you create a plan adhering to the “Opening Up America Again Guidelines” — the three-phased approach unveiled by President Trump based on the advice of public health experts.

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Icon of ABC blocks stacked COVID-19: Setting Up Temporary Day Care Guidelines

As day care centers and schools close, many working adults, especially health care workers, first responders or other essential personal are left without reliable child care. Christian ministries are stepping up to fill this gap during the coronavirus pandemic. If your ministry has the capability to help, consider the following points to protect your people and the children in your care.

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Icon of three arrows rotating in a circle How to Create a Ministry Continuation Plan

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has caused ministry leaders to ask a lot of hard questions — including how to best continue operations, hold services and care for their members and community. Now is the time for ministries to not only continue but also to thrive — and it all starts with having a plan in place.

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Icon of clipboard Review Your Infectious Disease Plan

While health officials are keeping a close watch on COVID-19, now is a good time to review your ministry’s infectious disease plan. Read more about the considerations provided by Brotherhood Mutual to include in your plan.

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Icon of tabletop with germ graphic Tips for Deep Cleaning and Disinfecting Your Property

If you are in a state that is urging ministries or schools to suspend in-person worship services and/or classes, use this downtime to perform a deep clean and disinfection of your facility, especially in high-touch, high-traffic areas.

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Icon of computer monitor COVID-19 Cyber Scam Prevention

The Office for Civil Rights (OCR), a division of the United States Department of Health & Human Services, recently issued a warning to remain vigilant for cyber scams related to COVID-19. They believe criminal actors may attempt to use this outbreak to steal confidential, personal data. To help you know what to look for to best protect both your personal and church information, the OCR has gathered helpful guidelines and precautions to follow.

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Icon of secure padlock Is your data safe? 12 Data Security Tips

Many churches carry the responsibility of handling sensitive and private financial information. To ensure that your data remains safe as electronic communication increases, you can develop policies that help protect your ministry and the people you serve.

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Icon of shield with secured padlock inside 8 Tips for Preventing Property Theft While You’re Away for COVID-19

While you may be away from your ministry’s building and working from home due to the COVID-19 restrictions in place, thieves may take advantage of this especially vulnerable time. Here are some tips to help prevent a break-in.

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Icon of fork and knife Distributing Donated Food — Service with a Side of Safety

Many ministries are involved in community outreach programs that involve distributing food. From food banks to soup kitchens, ministries are helping neighbors with spiritual and physical needs. As your ministry distributes food, it is important to keep the following risk management practices in mind.

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Icon of two persons next to eachother Preventing Sexual Abuse — Free Online Workshop

Although you may not be able to conduct ministry work as usual due to COVID-19, you could fruitfully use this time to evaluate and improve your ministry’s child sexual abuse safety efforts, just in time for Child Abuse Prevention Month (April). Watch experts from MinistrySafe as they walk you through the key elements in preventing sexual abuse in your ministry.

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Icon of coin Protect Ministry Finances from Embezzlement

While embezzlement has never been exclusive to the business world, the risk is a growing concern for churches around the nation. It is an issue that can affect churches regardless of their size, denomination or location. What can you do to protect your ministry?

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Icon of clipboard Report a Claim

Even with the most prudent planning and best intentions, things can still go awry for your church or ministry right now. In the event of a loss, follow these steps to file a claim.