Salary & Benefits

Salary and benefits that are set up well can help a minister be free to spread the Gospel. Use these resources to learn more!

Lump Sum vs. Salary-and-Benefits
Video • 8/11/2023
What is the difference between the lump sum “package” approach and a salary-and- benefits approach?
A church that takes the time to properly structure a minister’s compensation and benefits is practicing good stewardship which can make a huge difference in the current financial life — and financial future — of a pastor.
How Do I Steward a Reasonable, Yet Market-based Pastor Salary?
Video • 9/22/2023
How Do I Steward a Reasonable, Yet Market-based Pastor Salary?
When pastors answer the call to ministry, it’s usually not with the expectation of major financial gain. But that doesn’t mean they should be expected to live on a wage that doesn’t meet their needs. Unfortunately, pastor pay has remained almost completely flat in recent years, while at the same time, inflation has continued to climb.
Picture of a man in a blue dress shirt, smiling and holding a piece of paper. He is sitting at  a white desk that has notebooks, coffee, documents, and a laptop on it.
Article • 8/2/2023
Get smart about your salary
Structure your salary and benefits to stretch ministry dollars
Using Insurance Coverage to Protect Pastor and Church
Video • 8/21/2023
Using Insurance Coverage to Protect Your Pastor and Church
Insurance may not be the most exciting line item on a ministry budget, but it can protect your church from catastrophic financial losses and help sustain the long-term well-being of your ministry. Church buildings can experience severe weather damage, and employees may receive life-altering diagnoses. Are you prepared if it happens to you?
Article • 5/31/2023
What kind of insurance does a church need?
Learn what type of property and liability coverage your church or Christian nonprofit should have and how to provide coverage for your people.
Picture of female nurse reading a tablet to an elderly patient
Article • 10/11/2023
Top 5 Church Health Coverage Questions Answered
Whether you’ve been tasked with choosing church coverage for the first time or are seeking new strategies to improve your church’s existing offerings, these top five most common church health coverage questions are a great place to start
A mother and father hold their happy baby girl.
Article • 2/7/2024
Why Life Insurance is Important to Review During 7 Life Events
Major life events prompt a need to review your life insurance policy. Discover why life insurance is important to evaluate and update as circumstances change.
Picture of a calculator and a stethoscope on top of a document titled, "Billing Statement".
Article • 11/9/2023
How to Prepare for Healthcare Expenses Now
Three strategies to help with medical bills
Opting Out of Social Security
Video • 11/8/2023
Top 5 Need-to-Know Health Plan Terms
When looking for a health plan that meets your needs, you will face many insurance terms and phrases along the way, and it’s often hard to keep them straight. At GuideStone®, our goal is to equip you with the information you need to make the best decisions for you and your family.

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