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Marriage resources for churches/ministries

The Supreme Court’s decision redefining marriage marked a major change in direction with ramifications for years to come, especially for people of faith who seek to practice their sincerely held religious convictions. To aid pastors and churches as they fight this latest assault on Biblical values, GuideStone provides links to these resources to enable churches and other ministries to exercise their religious freedom rights so that they don’t violate the values that we as Southern Baptists and evangelical Christians hold dear.

As churches and ministries look to engage the modern culture, and minister to people who are struggling with same-sex attractions, these resources may help you and your advisers as you navigate this new cultural and legal landscape.

The links above are resources aimed at churches and ministries determining how to respond to the legalization of same-sex marriage nationwide. GuideStone makes these available for your use for educational purposes; they are provided with the understanding that GuideStone is not providing legal advice, nor is GuideStone necessarily endorsing any approach. All content linked here remains the property of their publishers. You should consult with a local attorney experienced with church matters to determine the appropriate steps your congregation or ministry should take moving forward.