Mission:Dignity recipients in Florida receive additional blessing — a 13th check



Mission:Dignity recipients in Florida received an extra check — a 13th check — in 2023 thanks to the establishment of the Florida Baptist Retired Shepherd’s Fund last year. Proceeds from the sale of the Florida Baptist Retirement Center were used to establish the Retired Shepherd’s Fund.

This is the second consecutive year the Retired Shepherd’s Fund has enabled this 13th check.

“The generosity of Florida Baptists allows these blessings to flow to others,” said Florida Baptist Convention Executive Director Tommy Green. “The kingdom mindset of our Florida Baptist family always touches lives in the name of Jesus Christ and to His glory.”

Rick Wheeler, president and CEO of Florida Baptist Financial Services echoed Green’s sentiments.

“We are once again delighted to be able to provide this gift on behalf of Florida Baptists,” Wheeler said. “It is an honor to bless these who have faithfully served Florida Baptist churches. We are praying the Lord will multiply these resources and meet every need of these heroes of the faith!”

In 2022, Mission:Dignity helped more than 2,800 individuals with extra money needed for housing, food, and vital medications. It also ensures a well-deserved dignity, independence and, often, the ability to continue serving through their churches. About 300 Florida recipients and recipients who have served in Florida will receive a 13th check.

“We at GuideStone are thankful to the Lord for the generosity of the Florida Baptist Convention and Florida Baptist Financial Services for their efforts to honor these retired Southern Baptist ministers,” said Hance Dilbeck, president of GuideStone®. “These retired pastors, their wives, and in many cases their widows, gave sacrificially in their years of ministry unto the Lord. It is good and proper for us to show honor to them through our financial gifts in their declining years.”

Aaron Meraz, director of Mission:Dignity, thanked Wheeler, Green, and all Florida Baptists for the generous gift.

“These pastors and others we serve are truly deserving of a double honor,” Meraz said. “Each servant who receives this 13th check is blessed to know their service mattered and they are not forgotten.”

For more information on Mission:Dignity, to give, to apply for assistance or to refer someone in need, MissionDignity.org.

For more information on the Florida Baptist Retired Shepherd’s Fund, visit https://floridabaptist.org/investments-plannedgiving


Roy Hayhurst is the director of executive communications at GuideStone.

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