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Bible, plane ticket, and passport in a travel bag
Article • 7/23/2024
What Missionaries Need to Know About Retirement Planning
Learn more about the unique needs missionaries have when it comes to retirement planning.
Rows of church pews.
Article • 7/19/2024
A Faith-Based Approach to Church Risk Management
Overlooking risks can damage your ministry’s finances and reputation. Discover how to implement church risk management for safeguarding.
A happy couple sit on the couch smiling with their two children.
Article • 7/18/2024
5 Advantages of Having Life Insurance to Safeguard Your Family’s Future
Life insurance does more than help pay for funeral expenses. Discover five advantages that help safeguard your family’s future.
A man in a suit sitting in front of a laptop reading stock market information
Article • 7/18/2024
The GuideStone Approach to Investing: Values-Based and Performance-Driven
The GuideStone Approach to Investing: Guided by Faith, Intentional Risk and Active Portfolio Management
A mother smiles at her daughter who has a disability.
Article • 7/17/2024
8 Helpful Tips for Parents of Children with Disabilities and Difficult Diagnoses
How can parents of children with disabilities and difficult diagnoses navigate challenges, find support and advocate for their child? Find helpful tips.
A Bible resting on a table next to a small bowl containing currency bills and coins
Article • 7/16/2024
What does the Bible say about money?
What does the Bible say about money? Understanding what the Bible teaches about money and stewardship.
A group of kids ride in a van to church camp.
Article • 7/16/2024
Does my ministry need non-owned and hired auto coverage?
When using a vehicle not owned by your ministry, who’s responsible if there’s an accident? Find out how non-owned and hired auto coverages offer protection.
A man studies a paper to evaluate a self-funding health plan.
Article • 7/15/2024
What is a self-funded health plan for ministries?
In a self-funded health plan, the employer assumes responsibility for paying employee claims. Explore the benefits and risks ministries may face.
A cross on a hill overlooking a city
Article • 7/15/2024
What is faith-based investing?
What is faith-based investing? Screening, advocating for change and impact investing allow you to align your values with your investing.