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Lightning flashes across the sky.
Article • 5/23/2024
6-Step Severe Weather Emergency Action Plan
Are you prepared to respond if severe weather strikes during a church service? Develop a six-step severe weather emergency action plan to help keep people safe.
Two smiling children slide down a twisting playground slide.
Article • 5/22/2024
6-Step Playground Equipment Safety Checklist
While playgrounds are full of fun, they also pose hazards. Help reduce the risk of injuries with a 6-step playground equipment safety checklist.
A health care professional speaks with a patient.
Article • 5/20/2024
3 Ethical Considerations: How to Choose a Health Plan Without Compromise
Health plans involve more than deductibles and networks. Evaluate three ethical considerations to discover how to choose a provider without compromising values.
An open laptop on a desk with no one around to guard it.
Article • 5/20/2024
Don’t Go a Day Without Church Cyber Liability Insurance
Ministries and nonprofits are the targets of 43% of cyberattacks. Find four protection tips, including a church cyber liability insurance policy.
A driver’s hands are on the steering wheel of a vehicle.
Article • 5/16/2024
Your Next Trip is at Risk Without a Church Transportation Policy
Do you have safe drivers who are prepared to handle risks on the road? Learn how to screen, train and monitor drivers with a church transportation policy.
A pastor counsels a man in his office.
Article • 5/15/2024
How to Safeguard Your Ministry of Pastoral Care and Counseling
While pastoral care and counseling serve your community with compassion, they also come with risks. Find helpful ways to help safeguard your ministry.
Three volunteers sort donated clothing.
Article • 5/13/2024
5-Step Guide to Church Volunteer Management
A lot goes into church volunteer management, including recruiting, background checks, training applications and appreciation. Here’s your 5-step guide.
coffee mug on table next to two journals and pen
Article • 5/6/2024
20 Quick Ways to Relieve Stress and Recenter Your Heart
Stress can weigh you down at times, but there are simple ways to help alleviate it. Find 20 ways to relieve stress and experience much-needed peace.
A stethoscope and pen on top of a work injury claim form.
Article • 5/6/2024
Why is workers’ compensation important for your ministry?
Discover the importance of your workers’ compensation policy and how to help prevent work-related injuries that could lead to workers’ compensation claims.