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Fireworks sparkle against a night sky.
Article • 6/13/2024
Fourth of July Safety Tips to Spark Fun and Forgo a Fiasco
From dazzling fireworks to traditional food and memorable games, follow Fourth of July safety tips to help keep the fun in your church’s celebration activities.
Folded hands rest on a Bible.
Article • 6/5/2024
6 Steps for Protecting Religious Freedom
Is your ministry doing all it can for the protection of religious freedom? Find six practical steps you can start implementing today.
Emergency workers pull a raft through a flooded residential area.
Article • 6/3/2024
3 Critical Steps to a Church Emergency Response Plan
When a crisis hits your community, don’t be caught off guard in an emergency. Follow three steps to develop an effective church emergency response plan.
A pastor overlooks majestic mountains and a lake as he sits on a mountaintop.
Article • 5/30/2024
God calls us to a Sabbath rest, but are we taking it seriously?
Are we ignoring the Lord’s call for a Sabbath rest? Uncover four reasons to take God’s command seriously and discover why it’s a gift that sustains us.
A construction manager shakes hands with a pastor in front of a church.
Article • 5/30/2024
6 Ways to Protect Your Church Renovation Project from Disrepair
Are you planning a church renovation project? Implement six ways to protect your church through company selection, references, bids, insurance, contracts and more.
Close up picture of a woman's hands, using a tablet, completing an insurance claim form.
Article • 5/28/2024
Claims-Made Policy vs. Occurrence Policy for Liability
Is your claim covered if a lawsuit is filed after your liability policy expires? Discover a critical difference between a claims-made vs. occurrence policy.
Lightning flashes across the sky.
Article • 5/23/2024
6-Step Severe Weather Emergency Action Plan
Are you prepared to respond if severe weather strikes during a church service? Develop a six-step severe weather emergency action plan to help keep people safe.
Two smiling children slide down a twisting playground slide.
Article • 5/22/2024
6-Step Playground Equipment Safety Checklist
While playgrounds are full of fun, they also pose hazards. Help reduce the risk of injuries with a 6-step playground equipment safety checklist.
A health care professional speaks with a patient.
Article • 5/20/2024
3 Ethical Considerations: How to Choose a Health Plan Without Compromise
Health plans involve more than deductibles and networks. Evaluate three ethical considerations to discover how to choose a provider without compromising values.