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A man studies a paper to evaluate a self-funding health plan.
Article • 7/15/2024
What is a self-funded health plan for ministries?
In a self-funded health plan, the employer assumes responsibility for paying employee claims. Explore the benefits and risks ministries may face.
A cross on a hill overlooking a city
Article • 7/15/2024
What is faith-based investing?
What is faith-based investing? Screening, advocating for change and impact investing allow you to align your values with your investing.
An older man and woman sitting across the table from a man with a laptop
Article • 7/15/2024
Three Benefits of Working with a Financial Advisor
Discover three of the many benefits of working with a financial advisor now.
A family laughs as they eat together at the dinner table.
Article • 7/11/2024
What type of life insurance do I need: term or whole?
Which policy is a better fit to protect your loved ones? Explore the differences between term and whole life to find which best fits your goals and needs.
A patient speaks with a doctor about preventive and diagnostic care.
Article • 7/9/2024
Preventive vs. Diagnostic Care: What’s the difference?
Knowing the difference between preventive and diagnostic care can help save money and promote your well-being. See examples and find out what sets these apart.
Corporate Engagement
Article • 7/8/2024
What is corporate engagement?
What is corporate engagement? Make your Christian voice heard in the marketplace through shareholder advocacy and proxy voting.
Fireworks sparkle against a night sky.
Article • 6/13/2024
Fourth of July Safety Tips to Spark Fun and Forgo a Fiasco
From dazzling fireworks to traditional food and memorable games, follow Fourth of July safety tips to help keep the fun in your church’s celebration activities.
Folded hands rest on a Bible.
Article • 6/5/2024
6 Steps for Protecting Religious Freedom
Is your ministry doing all it can for the protection of religious freedom? Find six practical steps you can start implementing today.
Emergency workers pull a raft through a flooded residential area.
Article • 6/3/2024
3 Critical Steps to a Church Emergency Response Plan
When a crisis hits your community, don’t be caught off guard in an emergency. Follow three steps to develop an effective church emergency response plan.