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Staying healthy is easier than ever. You just need the right tools! Learn what’s available in your GuideStone® medical plan.

Quantum Health

Think of Quantum Health as your personal team of nurses, benefit experts and claims specialists who will do whatever it takes to support your unique health care needs. Quantum Health is your one resource to contact whenever you need help with your medical, wellness or pharmacy benefits.


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Icon of shield with health cross in the middle of it Quantum Health is just a tap, click or call away.

You have one mobile app, one website and one phone number.
Quantum Health app | GuideStoneHealth.org | 1 -855-497-1230

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Icon of loudspeaker cone projecting sound See what they are saying about Quantum Health:

“Speaking with Allie was just a blessing today. I was overwhelmed with many of my providers possibly going out of network. She was patient with me and took down all my providers names and information. I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated her time and compassion that she demonstrated. I have always had a wonderful customer service experiencing when outreaching to my care coordinators.”

Save on Health Care

  • SmartShopper® allows you to earn cash rewards of up to $1,000 and reduce your out-of-pocket health care costs by shopping for health care procedures with SmartShopper. Access SmartShopper by simply calling 1-866-285-7475 to speak to a personal assistant.
  • Teladoc® (telemedicine provider) is your anytime, anywhere health benefit included in your health benefits. You can access certified providers all day, 24/7 — even on holidays with General Medical care . Your Teladoc services also include Dermatology consultations and Mental Health appointments. Register today at Teladoc.com/GuideStone using these simple instructions .

Take Charge of Your Health

Quantum Health gives you a comprehensive set of tools, resources, care management, wellness and member solutions to lead your healthiest possible life. Take advantage of programs like health coaching and the Early Steps Maternity program.

Blue Distinction Centers are high-quality hospitals that can lower your chance for complications and shorten your stay. Blue Distinction is a designation awarded by the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association to hospitals proven to deliver superior results for complicated, costly procedures.

Sword Virtual Physical Care Program pairs you virtually with a sword-licensed physical therapist, who assesses your pain and tailors a program to your unique needs. Sword offers a digital solution for those experiencing pain in the back, neck, shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee, ankle or pelvic area. You have access to this benefit at no cost and with no visit limitations. Please review the Sword Virtual Physical Care Tutorial and Frequently Asked Questions for additional information. Book your free consultation today at Join.SwordHealth.com/BCBS.

Twin Health delivers individualized guidance to help members with Type 2 diabetes. It is a dynamic, digital representation of a person’s unique metabolism, built from thousands of data points gathered daily from non-invasive wearable sensors and self-reported preferences. For additional information, please view the Twin Health – Just for You video and review the Frequently Asked Questions.

See what GuideStone members are saying about Twin Health.

Start reversing your Type 2 diabetes by signing up for Twin Health at Partner.TwinHealth.com/GuideStone.

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Icon of loudspeaker cone projecting sound One phone number is all you need.

Call 1-855-497-1230 to take advantage of these benefits.

Cigna International and Medicare-coordinating plans are excluded from wellness tools and additional benefits. Global Core plans do not have access to Quantum Health or Quantum Health wellness tools.

SmartShopper is not available for Blue HPN plans. Teladoc mental health benefits are not available on Secure Health™ plans.

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