Who We Serve

Since 1918, GuideStone® has been on a Mission to provide Dignity to retirement-age Southern Baptist ministers, workers and their widows. We serve about 1,900 households each year by providing needed financial assistance to help pay for housing, food and medical costs. Because of this help, these servants of the Lord continue to live with dignity, independence and, often, the ability to continue serving.

2021-01-26 Article: A Common Thread, Doris Jackson's Story
Article • 1/26/2021
Doris Jackson’s Story

A Common Thread
Cancer took away her husband, putting Doris Jackson in a financial bind. “But God’s loving heart and tender hands led Mission:Dignity® my way.”
2021-01-26 Article: A Garden of Growth, Elvis Durrill's Story
Article • 1/26/2021
Elvis Durrill’s Story

A Garden of Growth
After 36 years in the pastorate and post-retirement financial pressures relieved by a Mission:Dignity® grant, Elvis Durrill started a new ministry: a vegetable garden in his own backyard.
2021-01-26 Article: Barely Scraping By, Sandra McGill's Story
Article • 1/26/2021
Sandra McGill’s Story

Barely Scraping By
“We just depended on the Lord,” says Sandra of her and her husband’s time in the ministry. Now that Joe has passed, Sandra still depends on the Lord to provide for her every need.
2021-01-26 Article: Hope for the Future, Gwen Eiland's Story
Article • 1/26/2021
Gwen Eiland’s Story

Hope for the Future
With more than 40 years of seeing God provide for her, Gwen Eiland trusted He would continue to provide, even as her savings ran out and expenses piled up. That’s when Jimmy Dobson, her pastor, introduced her to Mission:Dignity®
2021-01-26 Article: Like Mother Like Daughter, Estela Rangel's Story
Article • 1/26/2021
Estela Rangel’s Story

Like Mother, Like Daughter
Growing up as a preacher’s daughter, Estela Rangel had only one request of her husband, David, when they married: “Never become a pastor.”
2021-01-26 Article: Riches of the Gospel, Coy and Jean Brown's Story
Article • 1/26/2021
Coy and Jean Brown’s Story

Riches of the Gospel
When 40 years of pastoring ended in 2011, Coy and Jean Brown found themselves at a financial crossroads. “We make ends meet by the help of God,” say the Browns, and Mission:Dignity® is an essential part of that support.
2021-01-26 Article: Still Blooming, Sarah Jack's Story
Article • 1/26/2021
Sarah Jacks’ Story

Still Blooming
"The oncologist suggested I write a letter as my husband was dying.” Some 33 years after they married, Sarah Jacks was having to say goodbye to her husband and best friend, Dial Jacks.
2021-01-26 Article: Warmth for the Soul, Rick and Betty Hall's Story
Article • 1/26/2021
Rick and Betty Hall’s Story

Warmth for the Soul
Imagine looking at your empty refrigerator, knowing you have only $3.27 in your bank account for the rest of the month. Rick and Betty Hall know that feeling, but they also know that God provides exactly what we need.

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